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Pom Pom Factory

For anyone who has been waiting for the fabric necklaces to be restocked, a new batch is finally ready! The fabric and mesh necklace, pictured centre, is a new style inspired by this sample. After coming across the image on my flickr, I couldn’t resist recreating it as a smaller version.

The necklaces will be available from tomorrow in limited quantities, with prices starting from 23 GBP.

18 Responses to Pom Pom Factory

  1. These are so delightful xx

  2. Nishe

    You make such beautiful things. I wish I could take photos of them someday. ♥

  3. Oh, how much I’d love to gt my hands on one of these!

  4. I got so excited when I saw you had posted something! Great work as always (:

  5. Oh these are gorge! Keeping these in mind for gift giving!!!

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  7. So lovely … !
    Your jewels are very charming …

  8. Wow!!! Its completely unique. Extraordinary design as well. Totally I loved it. Thanks for the share.

  9. I miss your updates :(

  10. Hi. Are you going to make more of this designs again?

  11. Tam

    When will you be getting more of these in? Love the grey one :)

  12. Love this collection .where can i get this ? it is very good

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