Leather + Amethyst

Leather and amethyst necklace by The Vamoose
leather, cotton cord, silk and amethyst necklace with vintage brass components

While making the final preparations for a new collection of rope and gemstone pieces, I took an impromptu side step and introduced some leather to the mix. Extra thick leather cord provided a simple and sturdy base for the collar style necklace, with an amethyst stone secured using wrapped silk, and cotton cord wedged in between. This one was just for fun, but I may have to explore it further!

Leather and amethyst necklace by The Vamoose
rough amethyst, silk, cotton cord and leather

And as a small preview, below are a few of the pieces I was supposed to be working on. Combinations of soft acrylic rope, golden tubes, natural marble and one of my favourites, a bright glass stone clamped into place with strips of brass. I'll be back soon to share the rest!

Amethyst and rope necklace by The Vamoose
Braided rope necklace with brass and amethyst
Marble and rope necklace by The Vamoose
Braided rope necklace with golden tubes and marble

Rope and glass necklace by The Vamoose
Twisted rope necklace with brass and glass

credit: photographs and jewellery by The Vamoose

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28 replies to this post

By kate, 24th January 2013
By Chloe, 10th May 2012
I'd die to be able to purchase the top and bottom necklaces! They're completely perfect.

By JewelryWebsite, 26th April 2012
beautiful and awesome collection really loved this.
By kb, 11th April 2012
I LOVE, love, love the last one. Did I miss your announcement of an ETA?
By As Ink Remains // Friday Finds + 5 Things, 30th March 2012
[...] I love these two necklaces by The Vamoose [...]
By Dana, 26th March 2012
I simply LOVE the leather cord/choker style. Would buy it in a second. So perfect, just the right balance of density and lightness. Well, they all are enchanting, really. The color of the stone in the last is wonderful. I'm such a fan of your creations!
By Alex, 16th March 2012
wow, when are these available?! i think i want several of them. :)
By Juliane, 7th March 2012
wow, the leathery necklace is so so great. I'd love to have one. hopefully you doing a minicollection around it will work out!
By Kathryn / The Vamoose, 7th March 2012
Thanks Juliane, I'm feeling very eager to do it!
By Coveting Now: Leather + Amethyst necklace by The Vamoose | IT HUNTER, 5th March 2012
[...] I read the text that accompanied this picture in the latest entry of her blog -explaining that this necklace, made of leather and amethyst, was only a test and not a final [...]
By La Chemise de Peau, 3rd March 2012
Love love love the "Twisted rope necklace with brass and glass". Brilliant idea!
By ashley Helvey, 1st March 2012
wow! these are great!
By Caroline, 1st March 2012
Wow, love the rope ones. I shouldn't look at your website really - too tempting
By dianne @ icefloe, 1st March 2012
Beautiful as always!
By Trish, 1st March 2012
Wow! They are all SO beautiful!
By Sofia Ajram, 29th February 2012
Will the leather one be added to your shop? Can you blog post about it? I'd love to purchase it!
By Kathryn / The Vamoose, 1st March 2012
The leather style was just for fun, but I do really want to base a mini collection around it! As soon as the new rope collection is online, I'll look into it and send you some details. The necklace needs a bit of work/testing to make sure it's suitable for sale :)
By Melissa, 29th February 2012
wow, possibly your best yet! i love everything- especially that last pink necklace.
By Ismay, 29th February 2012
wow, these are gorgeous! I love the rope, really nice!
By Holly, 29th February 2012
Absolutely love the glass stone with the little brass clamps, look forward to the new collection hitting the shop!
By Kathryn / The Vamoose, 29th February 2012
Thanks everyone, much appreciated :)
By Lolo Holmes (@lolo_holmes), 29th February 2012
These are brilliant! I love the colour combinations.
By Nicola, 29th February 2012
these are so beautiful, I adore the marble one xx
By Siri, 29th February 2012
These are all incredible, but that first one especially, ah, I am in love!
By Leather cord | Kigidi, 29th February 2012
[...] Leather + Amethyst | The Vamoose [...]
By Heather, 29th February 2012
Oh wow, these are all really pretty. The leather is a nice, unexpected addition. Can't wait to check out the shop!
By Clio, 29th February 2012
Perfect!! Love them all!! Love your creations!! I put you in my blog in the sites i like!!
By Kathryn / The Vamoose, 29th February 2012
Thank you, Clio!

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