Feldspar + Pyrite

collection by The Vamoose

dried flowers | vintage postcard | porcelain jasper | pyrite bracelet | feldspar and brass necklace

Dried flowers, porcelain jasper and an old postcard helped provide the inspiration for the pyrite and feldspar pieces above. The design of the necklace was adapted from a previous feldspar version in pale grey, this time with a simplified approach and the addition of tiny brass discs. The feldspar squares have the most beautiful marbled pattern, with spots of colour in pink and mint. I took a similar approach when creating the bracelet, pairing pyrite cubes with a simple, plain chain. The old postcard features a statue of King Arthur, a mythical king of the Britons in ancient times, wearing richly detailed armour.

photo by The Vamoose

Statue of King Arthur, Hofkirche, Innsbruck, designed by Albrecht Dürer and cast by Peter Vischer the Elder

While researching ancient armour, I became fascinated with the etched and embossed decorations, often depicting floral and geometric patterns, religious imagery or mythological references. Since embossing had a tendency to weaken the metal, etching proved to be the more popular choice for decorating armour in the late fifteenth to early sixteenth century. I found this piece especially inspiring, believed to have been made by order of Henry VIII, with elaborately etched and gilded steel. Too late for this collection, but I’d love to experiment with etched brass and gold leaf at some point in the future.

collection by The Vamoose

Credit: jewellery and photographs by The Vamoose

Research: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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10 replies to this post

By Urban Plant, 5th March 2012
Just discovered your work and i love it.
By allen, 3rd March 2012
i like that article so much..thanks
By Clio, 29th February 2012
wow your jewellery are awesome! Nice work and nice photos!!
By The Vamoose | Tremen- dously Interested, 19th January 2012
[...] the inspiration collages from The Vamoose – what a beautiful way to capture the concept for the [...]
By Nishe, 7th January 2012
By Nicole, 2nd January 2012
I am so in love with your jewelry!

Best wishes for the New Year!

Satin&Souffles xx
By kate, 31st December 2011
beautiful as always! So many great new things you have in your shop!
By Swan, 23rd December 2011
Hi! At first glance I saw Joan of Arc holding a skate board. Sort of a beautiful idea.

Your work is beautiful as always! I may have run out of "beautifuls" but I will just keep saying it. Happy holidays too.
By hannah, 22nd December 2011
wow these are stunning!
By Kathryn / The Vamoose, 22nd December 2011
thank you, hannah!

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