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Basilica della Santissima Annunziata del Vastato

Marble, Brass and Opal Jewellery by The Vamoose

vintage postcard | redline marble and hammered brass earrings | agate and opal slab | silk, brass and pink opal necklace

My fascination with Italian cathedrals and churches doesn’t appear to be fading any time soon. An old postcard of Genova’s Chiesa dell’Annunziata interior provided the inspiration for the earrings above and a piece of dendritic agate with pink opal sparked a hunt for matching opal pendants. I could only find a limited amount, but it was worth the long search!

Vintage Postcard

Geometric earrings in redline marble and hammered brass, inspired by the opulent Baroque interior of Genova’s Chiesa dell’Annunziata

Redline earrings by The Vamoose

This beautiful slab of dendritic agate with pink tinted opal inspired a silk, brass and pink opal necklace

Opal and Silk Necklace by The Vamoose

Credit: photographs and jewellery by The Vamoose

14 Responses to Basilica della Santissima Annunziata del Vastato

  1. Love the new earrings ♥ ♥

  2. Oh those pops of pink are so perfect!

  3. Gorgeous earrings with the most perfect color palette.

  4. thevamoose

    Thanks so much. Looking forward to sharing the rest of the earrings, there’s quite a few!

  5. I love the inspired jewellery!

  6. I LOVE your jewelry. It is breathe taking! The blog is beautiful as well! :) xo

  7. BEAUTIFUL as always. i always love seeing beautiful jewels right next to their direct influences the way you show them. Glorious x

  8. Nancy

    I love it when you show your inspirations. :)

  9. The jewelry! Its breathtaking! I am in love with your blog :)

    Satin&Souffles xx

  10. wow that silk brass and pink opal necklace is SOOO lovely

  11. Cathedrals have a lovely haunting quality. The cuff bracelet is so beautiful.

  12. sooo beautiful. I love old cathedrals, so much handwork was necessary back then and the beauty that came out of that hard work still lasts. Amazing!
    The earrings are lovely!

  13. you really make the best inspiration boards!

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