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Hammered Brass

Work view by The Vamoose

With the new season approaching, I’ve been looking over and reassessing some of my samples for the next collection. One of my favourite pieces includes a hammered brass and rolo chain necklace featuring discs and chain from old factory stock. Due to their age, the discs were more of a dullish orange shade, but with a quick wash and polish they’ve acquired a beautiful golden shine.

Hammered brassHammered Brass Necklace by The Vamoose

Initially, I wanted the necklace to fall at a longer length, but after a few wears I couldn’t stand the jangling sound with every movement. So as to avoid sounding like a walking wind chime, I removed a few inches and the jangling sound has thankfully been reduced.

As much as I like the design, I feel as though it didn’t do my original research justice. Inspired by 16th Century armour, richly detailed textiles and Baroque interiors, perhaps I could have been a little more adventurous with those discs and created something that explored the design further. So as a personal project, I’ve gone back to my research and set about creating a number of experimental pieces, just for the fun of it.

The Vamoose

So far, I’ve begun work on a neckpiece combining brass and leather, and also the beginning of a cropped vest-style item (pictured below). It feels good to be working on something different to the usual shop pieces, a little fun on the side and perhaps an incentive to continue this more often.

The Vamoose

Image credit: my own photographs

24 Responses to Hammered Brass

  1. These are, as ever, very beautiful pieces. Its also wonderful to see how much research you have going on. I like the idea of these been drawn from history rather than just nice pieces of jewellery. Also I would totally buy one of these if you made it into a harness of some variety, so lovely.

    xx Di

    • thevamoose

      Thanks for the compliment! The third style I’ve been working on is more of a body piece than the others. The discs are clustered together in the centre of the chest and begin to drape downwards and outwards, fastening at the back. Will share the result when it’s finished :)

  2. I love what you’re doing here!

    I’m saving up some money in the fall to upgrade my wardrobe and one of your necklaces are definitely on my buying list! :)

  3. Ana

    Oh my god! You are so talented! I adore this, I don’t love it, I adore it!

  4. Oh my goodness, I just love these! And how I love that you were influenced by 16th century armour. I have a degree in medieval studies so any time anyone makes medieval things sound cool, I get so excited.

  5. thevamoose

    Thank you Marthe and Ana!

    Anabela: Wow, no idea you had a degree in medieval studies! I only started thinking critically about how I’d used the discs after becoming obsessed with Game of Thrones. Think I’ve found the perfect excuse to watch it all again!

  6. My husband and I are obsessed with Game of Thrones too! About to watch it right now actually, I find the costumes so inspiring too :)

  7. This looks and sounds simply fabulous! My husband used to make chainmail as a hobby. I began experimenting with it just for fun, and it can be so very relaxing – I hope you find the same!

    • thevamoose

      Thanks Kourtney, I’m really enjoying working with it so far. Interesting to see how flexible the surface becomes depending on how the discs are pieced together. Good luck with your own experiments!

  8. Jo

    Wow! The piece in the last photo looks stunning! Can’t wait to see more. (by the way you were the inspiration for a post on my blog earlier this week and it features one of your necklaces – just wanted to let you know in case you wanted me to take it down – if so, please let me know and I’ll do so immediately). thanks

    • thevamoose

      Thank you Jo and I’m incredibly grateful to anyone who features my jewellery on their blog/website :)

  9. Those hammered brass plates are fabulous, they look like rose petals. I am so gonna steal this idea from you :) ****yoinks**** :)

  10. ira

    Wow.. the piece looks so astonishing!… Really wonderful!… I love the simplicity of the hammered brass. I featured your flower fabric at my blog

  11. Wow! You’re so talented!

  12. I love your photography! I also love that your tools look so perfect! I sooooo need new ones!! :)

    Love Abby

  13. Your brass necklace is a treasure. She goes with most any article of clothing.

  14. Very awesome piece of collection. I like this.

  15. K

    Where can i find hammered brass pieces?

  16. K

    Where can i find hammered brass pieces? any shape!

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