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Very excited to be sharing a relocated and newly designed blog with you today. I will no longer be updating at the previous blogspot address. Instead, the blog has a new home at I hope you enjoy the improved navigation and be sure to check out the new image archive which features every image ever posted. Thank you Mark for doing such a great job!

For those of you who have been waiting for the new bracelets, the majority can now be found in the shop. I’m working on a new image packed post to share the inspiration behind the spring/summer pieces. I’ll try and refrain from making it quite as long as the previous!

Web design by Mark Hesketh.
Image credit: my photographs

18 Responses to Developments

  1. Ooh I love the new layout and jewelry! : )

  2. everything is just so pretty – I love your jewelry..

  3. thevamoose

    Thank you both, so nice to hear :)

  4. Where do you buy your jewellry supplies from? The beads are so gorgeous!

    • thevamoose

      I try and hunt things down in as many different places as possible. Chain and findings I get from a UK factory, vintage findings usually originate from Germany, Japan and the States. Ebay can sometimes be quite good for unusual materials!

  5. Love the new blog design!


  6. LOVE the new bracelets and your site is gorgeous!

  7. I have to admit to some shop design and blog design envy! Very tasteful and navigable (?). Nice. And then there is your jewellery of course. Nice! LIkeing the mint in the stones and on the site. Mint!

    • thevamoose

      Haha, thanks Tara. I remember you did a re-design not so long ago as well. Feels like a nice fresh start, doesn’t it :)

  8. emma

    please make the new inspiration as long as the last one!

  9. Your new blogdesign looks great! I love your work and I would love to own a piece one day!

  10. I have been eyeing up your gorgeous designs for a while. I need to decide which one to get, they are all so gorgeous! Love the new blog design.

  11. Congrats on your new design-it is lovely!

    As always, your jewelry is just beautiful.

  12. I love your work! You are so inspiring!


  13. So glad you and your wonderful blog are back! Such inspiring jewellery!

  14. I adore your work, amazing pieces. I would like to invite you to join my blog. It would mean so much to me. An artists hands are the jewels of their work. This is what I see in your beautiful jewelry.

    Have a beautiful day.

  15. Swooning, as always.


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