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spring awakening

Spring may not be arriving until late March, but signs of the new season are already filling up my desk and most likely your mail inbox. I’ll be introducing new pieces for spring over the next few weeks. Followers of my twitter and facebook page have already been subjected to sneak preview teasing and image heavy, design development posts will be appearing here very soon. Until then, here are some views of my desk from last week…

leather, brass and gemstone bracelets / dip-dyed pom poms / 4 of the 50+ bead containers painstakingly labelled and organised

My love for marble continues alongside mouth-watering shades of lime and layered brass…

leather and brass bracelets featuring coconut, wood and semi-precious stones

Some of you may also be interested to hear that I am making amends this season for the severe lack of bracelets in the shop. There have been quite a few enquiries already, so I’ll be sending out a notification when available. Is anyone else looking forward to spring? Or are those of you based in the Southern Hemisphere longing for the transition from summer to winter?

41 Responses to spring awakening

  1. o s o p o l a r

    your jyewelery is amacing, love the colours.

    bye bye

  2. Jillian

    LOVE the twist bracelets…i hope you make some necklaces like that. cant wait to see the fresh colors! xoxo jcd

  3. Shini

    Can't waitt both for warmer weathers and bracelets, same thing really, equally ooossoom.

  4. Bantik

    you have just a perfect sense of style and colour and everything!

  5. Ismay

    I am so looking forward to spring, it brings sunshine, flowers, bank holidays and my birthday! Beautiful.

  6. Anonymous

    I absolutely love your jewelry! I've actually already have bought two! Don't get me wrong! Have you ever thought of using silver findings and pieces?

  7. anabela / fieldguided

    Beautiful as always! I absolutely cannot wait for spring. It's my favourite season.

  8. thevamoose

    Jillian: ohhh yes, some of them are actually scaled down versions of a necklace.

    Anonymous: I can make almost everything in the shop with a silver finding version. Thanks for the hint, I'll look into getting some silver plate/sterling options available :)

  9. christine {bijouandboheme}

    Your jewelry is beyond gorgeous- I love the subtlty of the elegance and the gloriously soft colour palate. I can't wait to see the pom pom beauty we spoke of;)

  10. Jaeger

    my gosh, the pieces you make are always so beautiful and unique. I think I'm going to have to save up some money just to buy a piece!!


  11. Hannah Percyowl

    Oh, am longing for winter. I honestly don't know how anyone can look forward to summer/heatstroke here. Usually autumn/spring are good too. I feel like a bug under a magnifying glass.
    I love the lime, so pretty!
    I also have a question: Is there a reliable place you source your semi-precious gems from? I've been looking on etsy so I can make some more bracelets for myself/friends but I'm unsure if I'll be buying glass beads instead. If you don't want to give up your secrets that's cool too ;)
    I think after I move I'll def have to get a lime bracelet at least… and then some :D

  12. thevamoose

    Hannah Percyowl: spring/autumn are definitely the best seasons! I just spend summer melting under too much clothing. I used to visit Etsy for supplies when I first started. And you could also try Ebay for a mass selection?

  13. Sarah

    These are beautiful! I will definitely try and get my hands on one of the bracelets. Honestly blown away by these pieces.
    I was wondering, where do you get all your brass pieces from? I sometimes make (very amateur) jewellery for myself or for friends as gifts but I can often only get bright gold or silver findings and it's bothersome.
    I love the use of wood and leather as well. Yum!

  14. m.fay

    these bracelets are so beautiful!!! goodness. yes, we are waiting for spring and all the color it brings.

    amateur couture

  15. thevamoose

    Sarah: Most of my brass findings are vintage or I usually pay $20+ for a small strand of the discs. Have you ever considered looking for inexpensive household fittings? Style Hurricane did a DIY post on it here…

  16. julie

    so beautiful! I can't wait for spring and warmer weather!

  17. ModeKarussell

    really amazing. They are all made by you?

    Hope you'll stumble over my blog ;)

  18. Jenni Austria Germany

    love those pom poms.

  19. Hannah Percyowl

    Thanks :D

  20. marinush

    lovely! real spring teasers :)

  21. onyx feather

    your excitement for the spring collection is infection. can't wait to see what you unveil.

  22. Katarina

    I can't wait for the spring. And I'll definitely velcome it with a few pieces from your gorgeous shop :)
    The bracelets are perfect.

  23. anne

    OOh! beautiful! I want one of each!

  24. RealBeauty

    I LOVE your blog! Such beautiful images!
    I invite you to visit and follow my blog!

  25. (amanda)

    i'm so excited for your new collection, sweetie! those bracelets are too lovely!


    You are so talented!
    Check out my jewelry whenever you get a chance, tell me what you think! It's always nice to get feedback! :)


  27. abigail oliveros

    these are great!!! you are quite talented. how long have you been making bracelets love


  28. Anonymous

    beautiful jewelry… love the bracelets! when will they finally be in stock? can't wait…

  29. thesydneygirl

    adore your dip-dyed pom poms!!!! and the organised bead containers!!!

    the sydney girl

  30. Felicia S.

    I can hardly wait to buy of your works! They're stunning.

  31. Meg

    Oh goodness, these are so pretty!

  32. Chloe Scheffe

    One of everything, please. :-)


  33. Captain Tess

    These are beautiful! I love the earthy look.

    check out my blog!

  34. Swan

    I do not know how you stay so organized. My situation is getting a bit tricky with all my tiny hardware. And finding it and ordering it is the biggest challenge. What I am trying to say is- I don't know how you do what you do! And I do look forward to spring, but I think it is already spring here and has been for a while which always confuses me so early in the season. I had to get out of the way of rollerbladers today. Very looking forward to all your spring creations!

  35. Bea

    Your jewellery is truly beautiful! I am an accessories addict I wish I had the time to make my own!

  36. las sandalias de ana

    your work is lovely!! welcome spring!!


  37. LOVE the bracelets and the marble beads!! awesome contrast in materials and color….so pretty!! thanks for the inspiration!

  38. I can’t wait for the weather to stay warm all the time, every day! And yay! More bracelets – excited! x

  39. lovely as ALWAYS!

  40. Your jewelry is so beautiful… i like your blog :) Also, photos are amazing…

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