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Hello there,

I'm back with another exchange to share, this time with the lovely Ashley from Fancy Fine. She has a great style blog regularly updated (I should take note) with vintage finds effortlessly translated into daily wear. Of course I was excited for the swap and she did not disappoint...

Lots of vintage goodies arrived including an old medical book, beaded and lace trimmings, a vintage slip, antique postcards and a National Geographic from the 60s.

Every so often I come across a garment which I find so inspiring I'm compelled to create a piece of jewellery to match. Such was the case when I unwrapped this little beauty, a wonderfully lacey off-white blouse.

I scoured my supplies for materials and re-emerged (not unlike McScrooge, money substituted for beads) with a selection of marble squares covered in suitably lacey patterns.

Thanks again Ashley, both for the gifts and inspiration! You can see a few of the necklaces I sent in action here, here and here.

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15 replies to this post

By Cosmetica colageno, 22nd October 2011
Beyond i love!
By courtney, 6th June 2011
i love doing trades. it's one of the awesome perks of being an etsy seller. this necklace looks beautiful with the white lace top.
By Jazzy E (hivennn), 9th February 2011
so lovely. <a href="" rel="nofollow">x hivennn</a>
By Julie, 8th February 2011
The bears on that NG are fantastic!<br /><br />Also loving the blouse inspiration-the necklace is lovely and suits the top so well!
By ♥, 7th February 2011
looks beautiful all together!
By Ida Susanne, 6th February 2011
I just found your blogf<br />&<br />I just love it..<br /><br />Really nice pictures :)<br /><br />-Ida Susanne
By Hannah Percyowl, 3rd February 2011
Pretties! The square gems goes well with the soft lace, and the colours are awesome too :)
By Amanda, 2nd February 2011
Wow what an exchange! Such a great package...the blouse plus necklace is stunning!
By Sarah, 2nd February 2011
Those marble beads are beautiful!
By naomemandeflores, 2nd February 2011
Beautiful! Exchanges are always so much fun! I love to do it.<br /><br />♥<br />Camila F.
By LUU H., 2nd February 2011
I love everything with lace! such a beauty for the eye
By julie, 2nd February 2011
I love the lace + necklace combo. So beautiful. And I must say, your blog is awesome! Such great stuff!! <br /><br />Cheers! Julie
By Sarah J, 1st February 2011
oh! these are all so lovely! i think i must be quite in love with the national geographic (they were my magazines of choice in childhood, and well, one from the sixties just taeks the cake!)
By E is for Eleanor, 1st February 2011
How beautiful is that blouse? Just divine. And the necklace paired with it looks lovely!
By Bantik, 1st February 2011
Great exchange:><br /><br />My sister got National geographic from 60's for's so nice and advertising is so weird( soo Mad men)

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