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bows and pom poms

I was sorting through a few things this afternoon and came across this photo taken a year ago today. It feels like a lifetime ago and I’m still popping out those pom poms

source: personal photograph 4.11.09 | dress and blouse from H&M

14 Responses to bows and pom poms

  1. Bantik

    that's a sight for sore eyes!

  2. Hillary

    Such a beautiful composition, I am in love those pom poms.

  3. Jennifer

    Give the people what they want, and they want pompoms!

  4. Enia Is (Almost) Here

    love! must get one of those pom poms of yours. though i am categorically against them on an intellectual level, in your execution they are just right! especially love the combo on the right…

  5. shanners


    i will surely be sharing these amongst my friends…

  6. Design Elements


  7. o s o p o l a r

    very nice blog

  8. elissa @ faucethead

    that bow blouse is lovely. i need to give H&M another chance. i haven't been there in ages.

  9. Paris in Pink

    Adore these pompom necklaces, and adore your blog even more! You have such an eye for beauty, darlin. Will definitely be back to visit again soon :) Paris in Pink

  10. fotografia ślubna

    Very beautiful composition.

  11. Mode.Karussell

    Wow :) your blog is really interesting. Not like all the others in the world wide web. Very inspiring.

    Hope you'll visit mine too.

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