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Utterly charming and refreshing, Oh Comely is a London based magazine focusing on people's quirks and creativity, rather than money and what it can buy. Issue 2 is out now and it is an absolute honour to be featured!

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I couldn't resist showing you a preview of the magazine.

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beautiful editorial titled the colours of summer, photographed by Luke Newman

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an interesting article on the Rorschach inkblots, testing the charm of the Royal Mail and four illustrators remember what went missing...

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Issue 2 is out now and available to buy at all W H Smith shops and selected boutiques across the UK. I'm not entirely sure about international shipping but they have an online shop here for those interested in a subscription.

What do you think? Anyone already a fan?

links: oh comely magazine / further info

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22 replies to this post

By miau, 23rd September 2010
oh such an amazing photos! ♥
By Kathryn / The Vamoose, 22nd September 2010
great to hear the magazine is well loved :)<br /><br />lavelle: thanks for visiting the blog ;) I just took another peek at the page. You have the best hair!
By lavelle, 16th September 2010
i just discovered your blog and jewellery via hannahs fabulous interview and I am now a huge fan of both!<br /><br />i have the first issue of oh comely and loved it. I believe I'm in issue 2 as well.... on the page where they've stopped people in the street to take 3 photos and ask questions .... i'm the girl in the denim dress!!<br /><br />xxx
By Jessica, 4th September 2010
congrats !! This is def. my kind of magasine :)
By jacqueline, 28th August 2010
This is so wonderful! And that magazine looks lovely! Congratz! It's my first time visiting and you have such a inspiring space here! Love the photos you take! Have a lovely merry happy weeked and love to you!
By tothemetal, 27th August 2010
Congratulations Kathryn! The magazine looks fabulous and the feature is so well deserved! ;)
By Ismay, 26th August 2010
Oh I'm glad you liked it! :) My local Smiths didn't stock the magazine, rubbish-I'll have to keep looking.
By Julie, 26th August 2010
What a lovely magazine! Looks like it is full of inspiration-I am off to go order myself one!
By kendal croix., 24th August 2010
very lovely.
By m.fay, 24th August 2010
this is amazing! congrats darling, cheers!
By Ace-Of-Aoife., 23rd August 2010
Congrats! You really deserve it :)<br />& the Magazine looks gorgeous <br />x.
By Fast Fashion, 22nd August 2010
ooh must be on the lookout, it looks fantastic :)
By Liz, 21st August 2010
Cheers for the tip off. At a first glance i think it's a beautifully put together mag, love the quirky royal mail feature and am looking forward to a proper read. Good work, your spread is striking.
By Shini, 21st August 2010
Congrats btw hehee forgot to say. Absolutely deserved it!
By Shini, 21st August 2010
I'm a faan already! I've been looking for magazines with good typography and layouting and surprisingly not many out there! Would love to check this one out...
By heleen, 21st August 2010
This looks like such a great magazine, I do like how their main focus is 'creativity' instead of just editorial after editorial showing clothes most of us will never be able to afford. I also like the aesthetic of the magazine, very clean and it reminds me of all things handcrafted!
By Hazel, 21st August 2010
It looks positively delightful! & yes, I do believe they ship internationally. On their "What Goes On" page, they say: 'Delivery for international packages is 6-10 days from the date deposited.' This is good news for me! :)
By Kathryn / The Vamoose, 20th August 2010
thank you ladies, much appreciated.<br /><br />Ismay: hope you get your hands on a copy! <br />By the way, I loved your post on the howlite necklace :)
By Ismay, 20th August 2010
how gorgeous, I'm going to go and buy it tomorrow!
By Hello Lindello, 20th August 2010
How wonderful. This magazine looks perfect. Congrats!
By Michelle Elaine, 20th August 2010
congrats dvrling ;)<br /><br />i wanna see more!<br /><br />KeepItFvncy,<br />M.E.
By PinkBow, 20th August 2010
oh congratulations - well deserved! i definitely need to track down this magazine.

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