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dye experiments & development

I thought I'd share a collection of images from one of my dyeing experiments some few months ago. The simple techniques were just an excuse to familiarise myself with the dyeing process and gain some confidence. Taking inspiration from pink carnations and a vibrant slice of pink agate, I chose to work with silk jersey, feathers and a silky nylon-mix fabric to start.

I've been straying away from this kind of post for a while. Please let me know if you are interested in seeing more.

The original plan was to create a dip dyed feather neckpiece (although not in pink). I lost interest in the end. The feathers above were to test an idea. A fringe made of soft goose plumage was intended for the main piece.

hand dyed silk / agate geode slice / hand dyed fabric pompoms

I attempted to create a kind of dip dyed, washed out effect on the pompoms. Almost like a reverse look of the carnation petals.

carnation flower heads - such a generic choice of inspiration, but they sure are pretty.

Although I have now lost interest in dip dyeing the silk, I do still plan on further dye related experiments. Finding the perfect shade of navy to pair with this vintage brass collar would be a good start.

marabou feathers / silk jersey / ribbed viscose / sliced agate / carnations / vintage coral specimen /

sketchbook packed with further samples and dye colour formulas

On a shop related note, thank you VERY much for all the support with the new website! Can't believe it has almost been a week since the launch.

I have also really appreciated your comments and suggestions in the previous post.

Closer, further detailed photographs will soon be added to the product pages and I have been talking to my web developer about some kind of navigation bar at the top or side rather than solely at the bottom. Sometimes times I like a little too much white space.

If you have any further suggestions I'd love to hear them.

image credit: personal photography

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29 replies to this post

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By min.ee, 15th September 2011
Also what materials do you use to make your pom poms?
By min.ee, 15th September 2011
Hi I know you've posted this somewhere but I can't seem to find it anywhere. But how do you make your pom poms? Thank you.
By Caroline, 4th September 2011
The feathers look lovely! How exactly did you go about dying them?
By Kathryn / The Vamoose, 5th September 2011
Hi Caroline,
They were dip-dyed using pink acid dye, although I'm sure a brand like Rit would work fine as well. Half of the feather was given a quick dunk in the dye and then to achieve the darker colour, the upper section was sat in the dye for about 15 minutes. Hope that helps!
By Karissa, 8th November 2010
these are so lovely ! really creative, and the colour palette is gorgeous.<br /><br />xoxo.<br />www.thelushfleet.blogspot.com
By Anabel Fournier, 5th October 2010
Colors are great! especially on the flowers.
By lavienouveau, 24th August 2010
wow this is so gorgeous!
By Kathryn / The Vamoose, 20th August 2010
thanks Amanda, always a fan of Lace & Tea :)
By Amanda - Lace and Tea, 17th August 2010
I've been so obsessed with druzy agate for necklace, too. Your blog is so pretty and I love visiting it!
By Ashley K, 15th August 2010
I quite like the idea of hand dying feathers. I may have to use this as a project for masks I have lying around.
By plan 457, 13th August 2010
Pink color feathers, flowers had a lot more impact in viewing, creativity is the key source to implement the idea.
By Summer, 12th August 2010
love! love! love!
By Kathryn / The Vamoose, 11th August 2010
trina's reality: the carnations were just a source of inspiration, I didn't dye them. Hope I wasn't misleading! Here's a link to dying them with food colouring: http://www.ehow.com/how_4873502_dye-carnation-color-want.html
By jacintha, 11th August 2010
your experiments are all so beautiful<br />very inspiring
By Anonymous, 11th August 2010
I love the experimentation too. The testing along the way has it's own beauty.
By trina's reality, 11th August 2010
I love the carnations! I'm very interested to how you dyed them!
By ParisiannSkies, 10th August 2010
these are so unbelievably pretty.
By curious constellation, 10th August 2010
Those are such pretty images!
By lydia, 10th August 2010
I love seeing all your experiments! Everything you make is very inspiring! I have not made / drawn in quite some time and seeing your work makes me want to get out of my rut and back into being creative.<br /><br />Very very lovely!<br /><br />P.S - I totally adored your post on colour inspiration (dip dying, colour saturated imagery)
By Kathryn / The Vamoose, 10th August 2010
Kate: ha ha, I'd probably find that magical now. I used to love those 'grow your own crystals' sets.<br /><br />Thanks everyone, I might start doing an occasional post on jewellery out-takes or something.
By Mimóza, 10th August 2010
very pretty, and I for one am definitely interested in reading more post like this one! :)
By blue sky butterfly studio, 10th August 2010
Beautiful, and I think your feather neck piece sounds interesting too.
By Kate, 10th August 2010
Wow these are great! Very creative! I'd love to see more of your work! xx
By Amelia, 10th August 2010
I love everything you post! Really. Posts like this are great. I just love your experiments and inspirations.
By Lars, 10th August 2010
oh I love this, the colours, the softness. agate is so beautiful
By "hi, i'm ginnybranch stelling and i love love.", 10th August 2010
this is so lovely! i've seen folks screen print feathers, but not dye them! what a great idea!
By Hello Lindello, 10th August 2010
These are gorgeous. I would love to see more! <br /><br />On a random note- I used to buy white carnations in middle school and put them in water with food coloring. I thought it was so magical to see them turn colors!

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