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an exchange

an exchange

It's about time I showed you guys some of the lovely treats I received from an exchange with Siri of Ringo, Have a Banana!. My favourites include the braided belt, green tea flavoured Kit Kat from Japan and of course the soft pink blouse with an amazing doily-esque collar.

Thank you Siri!

an exchange

source: personal photographs

links: Ringo, have a banana!

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23 replies to this post

By Erin, 17th July 2011
OMG, a friend brought me green tea KitKat from Japan and I've been looking for it all over in the US. It's the best thing ever. I didn't even expect to like it!
By Elise, 25th July 2010
where on earth can i get that beautiful pink blouse?!
By Anonymous, 29th June 2010
Love the lace on the shirt!<br /><br />XOXO,<br /><br />http://outfitidentifier.com/
By Joanna M, 29th June 2010
Oh the green tea KitKat ;)And the blouse is so pretty!<br />I adore your blog and your creations!<br />kisses<br />j
By goldene, 28th June 2010
so lovely...(especially the braided belt)
By karolina, 25th June 2010
sheena is right, i like the stuff as well, because everything is just too cuuute. i'm jealous (:
By Kathryn / The Vamoose, 24th June 2010
Hélène: I keep craving another bar now! <br />and yes, I have LOTS of new jewels to share with an image heavy post on the way :)
By Hélène, 24th June 2010
I love kit kat with green tea, I ate a lot when I was in Tokyo. I hope you are gonna make some new jewels :)
By Sheena, 23rd June 2010
I really love that braided belt and the blouse! Very cute items!
By A.k.a Po Farley., 23rd June 2010
What a lovely blouse! so precious.<br /><br />www.andyourstruly.blogspot.com<br /><br />X
By Carolyn, 23rd June 2010
Wherever is that gorgeous blouse from? I want!
By Après Ski, 22nd June 2010
I think everybody will want to exchange stuff with you, me too!
By tasshia pamintuan, 22nd June 2010
I'm so glad to see you back to posting again! Keep it up! <br /><br />Ps. That blouse is amazinggg!!
By Fashion wild, 21st June 2010
very very very nice bloggg!! Following!
By jennifer young, 18th June 2010
yowza! what a lovely exchange! i really love your photos!<br />j.
By tywo, 16th June 2010
I love the blouse.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />LOVE!
By Hello Lindello, 16th June 2010
Beautiful package! I really want to a do package exchange again. They're so much fun!
By pkjb, 16th June 2010
so odd that you mention Ringo, Have a Banana cos I just discovered that blog yesterday!! Loving that blouse and the green tea kit kat - - ck :) x
By Rachel, 16th June 2010
that's a lovely blouse... never have tasted a green tea KITKAT :)
By cutlex, 16th June 2010
A green tea flavored chocolate must taste very bizarre! Aside from the gorgeous blouse, I love your hair!
By Kathryn / The Vamoose, 15th June 2010
chocolate and green tea taste surprisingly nice together! I think it's made with white chocolate?
By Michelle Elaine, 15th June 2010
I love the idea of blogger friend penpals! I also love all your items you got. The KitKats are most intriguing to me - my stummy is growling now and I need one!<br /><br />KeepItFvncy,<br />M.E.
By Sarah J, 15th June 2010
Love love love the blouse! But i must ask, what on earth does a tea flavoured kit kat taste like?

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