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photography by fetie

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Last month, I sent a few of my designs to the lovely fetie. If you haven’t visited her flickr photostream before, it’s well worth a look.
She was kind enough to photograph some of my pieces, including a modifiable dress I made last year, the vintage glass teardrop necklace and a pyrite necklace. Very talented girl, I look forward to any future collaborations.

photography by fetie
model: stine

14 Responses to photography by fetie

  1. Color Collective


  2. Jessie

    great stuff!! So pretty and I love the pictures!

  3. K.

    Lovely. This is the kind of girl who makes your clothes look even more stunning. A nice pair.

  4. anni

    Beautiful girl and beautiful pictures :)

  5. Hello Lindello

    wow!! these look amazing. i'm lusting after each thing.

  6. Amanda - Lace and Tea

    I remember posting about fetie! Her photographs are so beautiful (and so is your jewelry).

  7. thevamoose

    amanda: I remember as well :)
    ha, I resisted the urge to shout I MADE THAT DRESS! in your comment box.

  8. Every Little Counts

    simple and gorgeous. i also love the deep back of that dress. i am in love with deep scoop backs- so ballerina like. subtle sexy.

  9. usb graphics tablet

    Great photos. I just wish I could see even more of the dress, although what I do see looks beautiful.

  10. Lulu S.

    That dress is so understated and gorgeous…beautiful work as usual ;)

  11. kara

    really amazing! as are your pieces – love.

  12. SwanDiamondRose

    oh my goodness it's you who left a comment on my blog! i can't tell you how ridiculously flattered i am. thanks so much for your sweet comment. should i say again how i love all your work? yes!

  13. Alexandra

    so lovely
    & what a beautiful blog you have too!

  14. Melai Entuna

    I love your creations :)


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