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Oh dear, please excuse my lack of posting!

Here is a quick update of some of the things I have been creating recently...

Continuing a love for sliced agate and developing a new fondness for braided leather. For now it takes the form of a bracelet but I hope to make something a little more adventurous soon.

A silk/wool mix yarn has been knitted into tubes and plaited. The mesh band has swivel clips attached to each end enabling the removal and addition of sections. I finally managed to find a decent quality crepe cord which you can see plaited above in black. I'm very tempted to transform it into a bracelet/bangle instead.

| Self-made necklace paired with a vintage silk blouse from Anja

I can't help but scrunch my face up at the sight of this necklace. Looking at it now, the proportions appear so awkward. Hopefully removing one of the sections and lengthening the mesh band will change my mind.

I've been trying to find large vintage brass beads for so long! A hunt which began when I started planning a collection based on molecular structure and geometry. I've now accumulated enough to keep me happy .... at least for the time being.

I did have plans to do more exciting things other than stringing them onto snake chain, but that said, I'm quite fond of this piece. The simplest designs often agree with me the most.

Seeing as I prefer the necklace in it's simplest form, I thought I'd follow on from the idea in the previous post and see whether I could implement a removable aspect. This is just a rough example, but even attaching the pom pom brooches seems to create a nice effect.

OR.... perhaps they should be left to adorn a skinny belt?

The beads move freely on the snake chain, only stopped by the caps which finish each end. When other forms of decoration are attached, e.g. a large or small pom pom brooch, they separate and rest beside the decoration. I have another idea to incorporate fabric ruffles into beaded necklaces. An idea which may finally enable me to create a piece involving PVC! I have a love/hate relationship with PVC, but that just makes me all the more eager to work with it.

And before I forget, thank you to both Blonde and Lucky Magazine for featuring my sailor knot bracelet in their recent issues! Blonde magazine were very kind to send a copy to me and thank you to the lovely Michelle for sending Lucky!

image source: personal photographs

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37 replies to this post

By Anna, 8th August 2010
Wow i have just discovered your blog, and am amazed, i would wear every peice. Please let me know if there is any chance the 4 brass ball necklace is still for sale? I am very interested!!! a.willislindsay@gmail.com
By Natalie, 20th June 2010
love it all!!
By couture dresses, 9th June 2010
These are gorgeous! I love especially the first one, it's divine.
By Dina-Dyorre, 5th June 2010
I've said it before and I'll say it again - you are a magnificent inspiration.
By SCRTLYVT, 12th May 2010
Your blog is absolutely AMAZING!
By acmtucker, 11th April 2010
just found you and your blog from the front page of etsy just now! your stuff is very inspiring! I love the crisp clean look in all your stuff and the wonderful mix of materials. will be looking forward to your posts and creations.
By Sandy a la Mode, 6th April 2010
congrats on being featured! i am in love with your sailor knot necklace... but i love everything else too!! great work, keep it up!!
By Joanna M., 6th April 2010
Can't wait to buy the agate necklace!<br />Your blog is one of my fave. addictions!<br />xxx<br /><br />j
By Alex and the waves, 5th April 2010
Hello!<br />I just find your blog! I lost your blog's name..It's always a pleasure to read your post!
By MIke, 1st April 2010
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By Lana, 1st April 2010
Absolutely love your jewellery and your blog, wow!
By Nishant, 31st March 2010
I love love love the black rope with the white! Seriously...it's love.<br /><a href="http://www.bpojobsathome.com" rel="nofollow"> data entry work from home </a>
By couture prom dresses, 31st March 2010
congrats on the magazine pics! really like what you do.
By Dennise, 30th March 2010
I love what you do with mesh. I keep trying to find tutorials on working with it myself but alas, to no avail. Therefore, you must put some of those pieces on your shop so I can buy them and be happy. xo
By Little Gray Pixel, 29th March 2010
I love everything you do -- I'm such a big fan. I was putting together a post on pom necklaces, and I hope you don't mind but I posted one of your photos with a link back to your blog. Cheers! - V
By Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes, 27th March 2010
so clever, I like the rope necklace
By Kitten, 27th March 2010
So lovely! You're so talented :)
By Lulu S., 27th March 2010
Lovely!! I enjoy your posts so much! Also, congrats on the magazine mentions :)
By Miss Madeline, 27th March 2010
that's all really lovely!
By Kathryn / The Vamoose, 27th March 2010
thanks everyone!<br /><br />Jennifer: ha ha, yes I'm not sure why it would have to be one or the other! <br /><br />zee: I should really organise a mailing list/twitter/facebook page for updates. I'll get it sorted!
By Faux Naif, 26th March 2010
lovely!<br /><br />gosh, congratulations on the feature! it's so nice to see good talent getting well-deserved recognition.
By cinta / sepi / sayu, 26th March 2010
By OliviaDias, 26th March 2010
Your jewellery is so beautiful and unique!<br />when I have money I am definitely visiting your etsy store. x
By Hello Lindello, 26th March 2010
Congrats on the features! So cool and well deserved.<br /><br />I love the simple necklace with brass balls. I want!<br /><br />The braided necklace with mesh is also quite wonderful. Good stuff!
By :: B ::, 26th March 2010
Congrats on the magazine and blog features! Saw your gorgeous Sailor's Knot bracelet on Gettogetha.com. I'm a serious bracelet fanatic so that is now on my upcoming birthday list :) Hopefully someone loves me enough to snag one for me! <br /><br />Also love your writing style! Makes me feel like I'm right there in the lab with you.
By Helena - A Diary of Lovely, 26th March 2010
i cant wait to see the pom poms in your store!<br />congratulation on being feautured
By zee, 26th March 2010
hi there, i can't wait to see your new stuff go on sale! will you be sending email updates or anything? :)<br /><br />zee
By DFY, 26th March 2010
Amazing pieces! I'm so in love with the pom pom necklace.
By Jennifer, 26th March 2010
I think an artist is always most critical of their creations... I love the plaited necklace and would definitely wear it! Why have an either/or decision on necklace or bracelet for the style, why not make both?
By Anonymous, 26th March 2010
i drool over everything. everything!!
By Elizabeth, 26th March 2010
Love the new creations, and congrats on the magazine mentions.
By Jess, 26th March 2010
So pretty!! Amazing pieces!<br /><br />>Jess <br />xxxx<br /><br />http://87life.blogspot.com
By kelly, 26th March 2010
LOVE all this. and the agate is stunning!
By DREAMY, 26th March 2010
well done!<br />that agate necklace. spectacular! x
By hannah and landon, 26th March 2010
Amazing, amazing, amazing! You're amazing!!
By Crystal, 26th March 2010
Oh man. I love love love the black rope with the white! Seriously...it's love.<br /><br /><a href="http://www.spiritditchvintage.blogspot.com" rel="nofollow">spiritditch.blogspot.com</a>
By Post Grad Hair Cut, 26th March 2010
Oh gorgeous. Love the gold beads and the braids. Congrats on your features.

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