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I wanted to create something simple and versatile. The necklace consists of a plain mesh band as the base with the option to slide on other forms of decoration. I’m not quite satisfied with it as it stands, but read on for the developments so far.

I found that round back pins work best.
The larger surface area makes the bond stronger and better balanced.

It also means that they can be used as brooches, shoe decoration or slid onto skinny belts to form pom pom clusters.
You must be growing tired of my persistent pom pom making but I’m sure I’ll find
something else to obsess over soon. Well, other than mesh of course…

I’m very eager to make more of the mesh knots so I can slide them on in one big row.
They may look simple and easy enough to make but not so for an amateur such as myself.

The image on the left is my first attempt.. messy, messy, messy. After much frustration I managed to find a way to tuck the mesh within itself to create a much neater appearance. Having the upper band free from glue also means that it has the possibility to be lengthened and translated into a bangle or ring. Still requires further work but I’ll get there!

Inspired by the beautiful artwork of Irana Douer (pictured in the background above) and Abbey Lee Kershaw’s hair as photographed by Max Doyle, I’ve also been looking into dip-dying techniques. So far I don’t have much to share but I’m working in bright shades of colour(!) and the usual pastel shades which seem to appear even when they are not required.

I started with the a creamy base colour with a light yellow tint, which I quite like as it is, and attempted to add a teal gradient.

No signs of teal OR a gradient but I’ve left the string in tact for another attempt. I’m hoping dipping the ends in a really strong solution will do the trick. I’ve struggled to find any extra fine silk jersey in white, so Nylon will have to do.  If you have any tips for dying such fabric successfully then feel free to share!

source: personal photographs
linksIrana Douer’s flickrAbbey Lee Kershaw by Max Doyle

58 Responses to design development

  1. Kate

    I want it all!

  2. Post Grad Hair Cut

    Great idea. Gorgeous work as usual.

  3. C

    Lovely stuff as always! I was just wondering, where do you source your materials?

  4. Shini

    Just stumbled upon your blog and I absolutely love what you create and the fact that you write your processes and development here. (Just purchased a square knot bracelet, can't wait!)


    oh they're so beautiful. i was dying for the mint green, but all those pastels together… amazing.

  6. sarah

    i want to go to there!

  7. Rosie

    I absolutely adore all of your work! Keep it up!

  8. Mary

    The mesh(?) necklace and pin are divine.

  9. Lulu S.

    Oh my goodness, I can't get enough of the pom poms especially in the peach and egg blue :)

  10. *gemmifer*

    What a great concept! How great to be able to wear the same necklace in such very different ways. (And the pompom flowers are still lovely–I get fixated on one thing too).

  11. jennifer young

    incredibly gorgeous! dare i say… perfection!?

  12. Fast Fashion

    Very clever! Beautiful work! x

  13. Paloma

    Ooooh! I've been followin your blog (and your shop to find the perfect piece ;) and now know that I need that neckale with the yellowish shade… and use the pompons on my hair also!!!

    Regards from Barcelona!

  14. Narumi

    Omg everything is so beautiful.. I want them all ! I loved the set of jewels that was reserved on your shop, are you gonna make some again ?

  15. Melissa

    That mesh is so great. Just to think of all the possibilities! Also, the pom poms are wonderful. Well done!

  16. Laura

    These are just fantastic. I will absolutely be getting my mitts on one if not all of the variations of this!

  17. Pretty Mommy

    So great!! Love the knot with flower variation…

  18. thevamoose

    thank you everyone, you're all to kind :)

    C – I source my materials from many many places! Etsy, Ebay, local shops, not so local shops ;) and I just endlessly search the internet for specific items. Having a hard time finding the right kind of brass mesh though!

    Shini – thank you, I often wonder whether people get bored with my 'development' ramblings.

    Narumi – I should have lots of new things soon!

    Paloma – I did selfishly make some pom pom hair clips for myself, I'll put them on my list of things to make again!

  19. Faux Naif

    goodness, your stuff is so beautiful, i can hardly contain myself!

    this is really, truly wonderful. like pieces of clouds.

  20. Anonymous

    Hello, i too am another admirer. adoring your acessories from afar. I wonder if you could help me with a chain query, i purchased a necklace a year ago with the exact same chain with the grasp clasps. Unfortunately it broke on me recently and i can't find another chain to hold my pendant. I would be forever grateful if you could provide me with a name for the type of chain that you use in this necklace. My internet search is getting a bit tiring.
    Many thanks

  21. thevamoose

    I mostly use curb chains, occasionally trace. hope that helps?!

  22. blue moss

    love it all!!
    and…congrats..i saw your bracelet in lucky and was so excited and happy for you

  23. Anonymous

    Thanks for the help but it's actually it's hard to describe but in the pictures you use this chain with flat grips to hold onto the mesh and i had one of these chains which i bought already which held onto a flat bow. I've been too so many shops and they have no idea what i'm talking about and i have no idea about the technical name either to search online. Seriously i'm ever so grateful for the help, i'm just trying to fix my necklace due to my drunken sillyness. But on topic though, you're necklaces are absolutely gorgeous and it's so beautiful to see your work in process and thought developmemt.

  24. thevamoose

    ohhh sorry, yes they are called ribbon ends or ribbon clamps. They don't come attached to the chain, I buy them separately. I get mine from a local shop so I can't link you to any but I hope the name helps your search!

  25. Anonymous

    You are the most awesomest person right now. Thank you so much.

  26. naomemandeflores

    This is amazing!!! Congratulations, you're so talented!

  27. anne

    i just now came across your magical blog (thankyou a million times, oncewed!). LOVE! i so want that necklace with the mesh knots and the pom poms. amazing!

  28. Trostedamen

    I really love all of your work! It is so gorgeous, elegant and simple! Just purchased a necklace, and I can't wait to get it!
    I have a jewelry shop on Etsy myself, check it out if you'd like :)

  29. avalonne

    Hey! I found your blog via the drifter and the gypsy and I'm in love with your blog and jewelry! I hope one day to purchase something from your etsy store! Your blog is so inspirational and pretty. Please feel free to visit my blog, thanks :)

  30. delicate diaries

    I am having a free handmade item blog giveaway! Please do go take a look! Thankyou!! xxx

  31. Clare

    This is amazing. I absolutely adore the flowery versions. I want!



  32. Sarah

    Wow, this is beautiful – dip dye pompoms look so unusual.

    Can't wait for my pompom necklace! Got a feeling I might have to order a dip-dye one too..

  33. Jill

    love this! i think you pom poms are adorable – and especially loved how you used them on shoes. I can see myself wearing them on a necklace and also pinning them to hats, belts, jackets or a clutch to spice things up!

  34. Tony

    your jewellery is so amazing and inspiring.
    love your blog.

  35. Laura Proust

    Absolutely lovely!

  36. Roberta

    fantastic idea!
    i love your blog.
    i follow you.

  37. Helena

    Your work is amazing! Definitely have to make a purchase soon.

  38. jenbern

    so so happy to have stumbled upon your blog!!!! your style is impeccable, incredible!

  39. Rebecca, The Clothes Horse

    I love the airiness of the pom-poms and the heaviness of the mesh; like yin and yang. The whole ability to transform/customize is brilliant.

  40. Chelsea

    I am as obsessed with pom-poms as you seem to be! I also love the combination with the more masculine mesh. Gorgeous!

  41. Carla

    I love the pom-poms! You are so clever, love these…

  42. rachel!

    ohmygoodness. i can't believe you made those. they're beautiful! and i love the pom poms. please don't ever stop!

  43. pixelhazard

    I have always been a metal mesh fan

  44. soph (owl vs. dove)

    All those pom poms! Love it! Good luck with the dip-dying.

  45. tanvi @ now craving

    Oh my goodness, how lovely!!!!

  46. Paulette

    Wow, I really love that mesh necklace with the fabric flowers. It's the perfect spring-into-summer necklace. Swoon.

  47. Clare

    Wow I love this customisable idea. So interesting to see your process and makes you realise just how much work goes into beautiful jewellery.

    Just stumbled across your blog and knew straight away it would be one to follow!

  48. Gabriela

    my goodness, this is so beautiful and perfectly crafted! what an amazing idea :)

  49. tiffany

    you are so creative!! i love everything on this blog!!!

    xo tiffany ^_^

  50. Noemi Sunshine Ferst

    Your blog is brilliant.
    So much eye candy!
    Your jewelry is stunning and I look forward to sporting it once available again.
    Am completely pom pom obsessed!
    I hope you don't mind me asking but do you think a pom pom tutorial could be possible?

  51. thevamoose

    Trostedamen: thank you! and I love the all black theme in your shop :)

    Noemi Sunshine Ferst: yes sure!
    It's pretty much the same as making a normal pom pom with yarn, except you replace the yarn with strips of fabric. People are always emailing me about them, I'll try and do a post with pictures to help!

  52. Jenny*Ilovemuffins*

    beautiful! and I love the colours you choose for the pom poms! I will post these soon – I'll let you know.

  53. web development

    Fabulous is the fist word that came to my mind. I just want to dress up and wear your pompoms, they are so sweet.

  54. Emily McGuire

    very well executed and wearable in the good sense of the word.

  55. Gemstone Jewelry

    Jewelry is very personal. It is amazing to see how you have crafted your initials and have given the necklace your identity. You could also browse through . There are affordable jewelry options that they have and one could also get them customized as they want.

  56. monpetitpony

    i love the pompomps! I'm so inspired to try to make them myself now.. definetely follow you!

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