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Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day weekend! My boyfriend took me to White Scar Cave near Ingleton, North Yorkshire (England). For anyone who enjoys going underground with a hard hat and has an interest in cave formations/caverns I'd recommend! I'd also suggest suitable footwear. Unaware of my underground activities, I was not equipped with such a necessity and spent the tour tip-toeing in heeled boots to avoid the peril of metal walkway grating. Hmmm.

Here are some of the things I have been creating of late...


pompoms / rope / fabric knots / brass beads / twisted chain

making plans

leather / brass beads / fabric knots / chain

Working with leather cord and fabric knots allow me to create more sculptured shapes. I will definitely be developing this technique further.


leather / gold plated metal

I'm fondly reminded of friendship bracelets...


I've been testing out a sample for the past week and I'm a little in love.


A remade version of the twisted metal necklace, this time with narrower mesh.

I'll be replacing the grosgrain ribbon with thick black silk and then it's ready to list in the shop.


I finally got a chance to perfect the mesh bracelet last week and my hands are still healing from the perils of working with metal. I've already had a number of requests for the mesh bracelet since I posted the updated version to my tumblr. I'll be making a batch of them this week!

oh, I almost forgot!! I'm giving away one of my sailor's knot bracelets over at Post Grad Haircut. All you have to do is leave a comment with your email address. Easy. The giveaway ends tonight at midnight so be quick!!

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26 replies to this post

By Barbara, 9th June 2015
Do you have instructions on how to make the sailor knot bracelet?
(The four that you show up at the top of the page.)

Thank you,
By Lawrence, 15th September 2010
What I noticed are those fabulous brass beads! Those trendy pieces inspired me to give my daughter a jewelry gift for her eighteenth birthday. She loves brass beads so much. She even asked a local jewelry designer to design her one. This is just a thought. Since jewelry designers are getting high demands on their products, I think it is best to have good relationships with their <a href="" rel="nofollow">brass manufacturers</a> and <a href="" rel="nofollow">brass rod suppliers</a> for them to get quality brass, copper and wire supplies. I believe that she even ordered some pieces for her blog giveaways.
By websites, 29th April 2010
The brass bead necklace is fantastic, a clever idea and such a great outcome. Hope to see more variations on it.
By Nishant, 31st March 2010
I love the rope necklace!<br /><a href="" rel="nofollow"> data entry work from home </a>
By RAKU., 20th March 2010
es todo precioso,delicado, sacado de un sueño, no se con cual quedarme...enhorabuen por tu trabajo.
By Iva, 13th March 2010
WOW!! I really love your pieces! So simple but great statements, truly beautiful! I hope you had a nice day and enjoy your weekend!
By A, 27th February 2010
you make the most amazing jewelry <br /><br /><br />x
By Engra, 23rd February 2010
i like the necklaces so much!!
By seesaw designs, 19th February 2010
oh my!
By Fair, 19th February 2010
i missed the giveaway. :(
By tinypaperheart, 18th February 2010
i cannot wait until you list these in the shop!! esp. the mini pom poms and leather bracelets!
By eliwer, 17th February 2010
i love your blog and your art. <br />you r a great colorist!<br />thank you for the inspiration
By oni, 17th February 2010
I wanted to write you about possibly collaborating on something for both of our shops but i didn't see an email for you. I hope this gets to you. Please email me at
By Kathryn / The Vamoose, 16th February 2010
thank you everyone :)<br /><br />Sarah: I'm currently working on my first wedding order! such a lovely feeling creating something for such a special day..
By Gisely Chessed, 16th February 2010
Amazing! Beautiful. I am in love.<br />Hugs from Brazil!
By Sarah Westervin, 16th February 2010
I am just all sorts of in love with your jewelry! I've been doing some very early wedding planning, and I'm thinking your necklaces would be perfect on my bridesmaids. Just perfect! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I featured some of them on my blog:<br /><br />It's a post regarding our wedding plans, obv :)<br /><br />Best,<br /><br />Sarah
By jennifer young, 16th February 2010
these are brilliant! my fave is the first pic/showcase--what a beautiful collection of creations!<br />j.
By Jaeve + Things, 16th February 2010
All so darn gorgeous!!!
By Ms. B @ Millie Deel, 16th February 2010
What lovely creations! I love the pompom necklaces and the leather bracelets!!
By sookhyuniee, 15th February 2010
Hi there! I'm so inspired by your work! I was wondering if you could recommend a high quality online jewelry supply store for us beginners to get started ?<br /><br />I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks so much!
By {eleise}, 15th February 2010
wow! beautiful work! i'm really looking forward for you to add more white rain drop necklaces! i might snag one if my hubby will allow it =) lol
By goldene, 15th February 2010
the necklaces (second and fifth shot) are really beautiful...
By jules., 15th February 2010
omg the necklaces are amazing i deffinatly want some :D XXX
By LouisaEtNam, 15th February 2010
like them so much!<br /><br />xox<br />/nam
By Hello Lindello, 15th February 2010
I love the twisted chain. Your collection goes so well with with everything <3
By Flor M., 15th February 2010
Beautiful!! I love the rope necklace!

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