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a collection

a collection

Personal treasures: antique postcards, gifts from the handsome panda, a good looking chunk of amethyst,
pyrite specimens and other items of the usual self-made variety.

a collection (detail)

Mary Pickford postcard from a local antiques fair / sparkly pyrite specimen / self-made geode necklaces,
pom pom hair clips, gold faceted bead necklace

The brass bird skull and talons were gifts from the handsome panda, along with the rabbit skull, whose name is Frank! Love him. Anything that reminds me of Donnie Darko is surely a good thing. The surface of the amethyst specimen is so visually appealing it makes me want to replicate it somehow in a necklace but without using the amethyst itself. I think some experiments with resin are definitely in order!


source: personal photographs

19 Responses to a collection

  1. corrie

    you're bringing back so much nostalgia for me. i was an avid rock collector as a kid. i had all different kinds, definitely several pictured here. they're just so amazing aren't they?

  2. Kate

    What a collection! Love it all!

  3. Chelsea

    gorgeous! :) i agree with corrie! i too, was an avid rock collector as a child. these necklaces, in a sense, are very nostalgic for me. thank you.

  4. alright darling

    I'll forewarn you that resin is stinky harmful stuff. The vapors are bad whilst it cures and if you intend to sand the pieces down afterwards the particles are cancer-causing. Please wear the proper gear, especially a cartridge respirator mask. Nothing is more important than your health.

    Other than that, I love working with resin. Send me a message on etsy if you want any tips.

  5. sarah

    wow, lovely. i love looking at little collections like this, they can reveal so much about a person.s

  6. thevamoose

    corrie / Chelsea: they are nostalgic for me as well. wish I kept the pieces I collected when I was younger!

    alright darling: thanks for the words of advice, it makes me nervous enough using an epoxy adhesive. Your pieces are really beautiful, I'll be sure to get in touch if get enough confidence to try something!

    sarah: I agree!
    Have you ever heard of the Vogelkop Bowerbird? The male creates a kind of hut and artistically lays out collections of colourful or shiny items in order to attract a mate.
    I think this wonderful little creature deserves a blog post of it's own…

  7. PinkBow

    beautiful collection!

  8. C

    I used to collect geodes like that! You have beautiful collections, I love when you make posts like this one.

    Just have a quick question: When you made your geode necklace, what kind of drill bit did you use to make the holes to hang them? The stone pieces look so delicate– did you just drill the same way you might do sheet metal?

  9. Little Gray Pixel

    Your geode necklaces are gorgeous. I'd love to buy one from you! Actually that's how I feel about everything you make.

  10. Carly

    I love those talons – so amazing!!

  11. Hello Lindello

    Those talons are so awesome. wow.

  12. thevamoose

    C: I'd recommend using a diamond drill bit and you will need to ensure you keep it wet whilst drilling.
    There is some better advice here if you're interested..

  13. goldene

    such beautiful shapes and colors…

  14. Victoria

    i love the rabbit skull! (another Donnie Darko fan, hehe:)

  15. Amanda

    This whole post is gorgeous.

  16. Stine

    ohh! Wish I could call that my own!

  17. Nishant

    What a collection! Love it all!
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  18. Punctuation Mark

    I love all your images… and these are gorgeous and have such a great color palette!

  19. drawing tablet

    The amethyst is beautiful. I have a big one myself and it sits on my desk because I love to look at it.

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