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mesh development (continued)

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OK, this is getting a bit addictive! I may have to do an entire mesh collection.
For now here’s one I created before I’d even changed out of my pajamas this morning.

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// self-made vintage mesh and ribbon necklace / h&m wrap dress


…and here’s what I used: some old black ribbon I picked up at an antiques fair, vintage mesh and erm…. some blu-tack.
Please forgive me, I’m still waiting for glue supplies to arrive!


I love it as a necklace, but it is perhaps a little too large for wrist-wear. I’m now on the hunt for some mesh which is half the size of this one. A more delicate approach may be better suited. I also think this piece could make a pretty amazing headpiece, perhaps not quite for everyday wear. Speaking of headpieces, how beautiful is this one? Well I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. I’ll be back at some point with that shop update (so long as the Postman actually pays us a visit this week, damn snow).

20 Responses to mesh development (continued)

  1. Laura

    Big love for the necklace, very like a bracelet I saw featured in the Sunday Times Style supplement today, tasty!!

  2. cactusorchid

    The necklace is awesome !

  3. Hat

    brilliant stuff! keep at it!

  4. Vamoose

    thanks guys

    oooohh Laura, who was it by?

  5. Enia Is (Almost) Here

    wow love the first one! great job :)

  6. blue moss

    super cool :)

  7. Laura

    It was from:

    but I can't see it on their site now…

  8. mimi

    Absolutely love your blog, you appear to have put so much effort in to it and that is amazing! Those rings are beautiful, are you planning on putting any rings up on your esty store? Mimi x

  9. MrJeffery

    love the necklace. it really changes a plain frock.

  10. hannah

    i love it! its definitely a bold look, but i like it as a bracelet as well.

  11. Little Gray Pixel

    I'm freaking out over the mesh. It's amazing! Please, please, please put some in your store. :-)

  12. Vamoose

    thanks Laura, I'll take a look!

    mimi: thank you :) and yes I really want to get them perfected so I can list them in the store. They need a little more development first!

    little gray pixel: I am most definitely(!) going to be putting them up it in the shop! need to spread the mesh love! and I'll get going on a more 'modest' version soon :)

  13. P R I M O E Z A

    wow, love your mesh work!

  14. Hello Lindello

    so great!

    I love the mesh. Cant wait to see these in your shop!

  15. sarah

    i just found your blog, and i love it.
    lovely, lovely.

  16. Jaeve + Things

    The necklace is GORGEOUS! If you even start selling them, let me know. I'll be in line for one! :)

  17. Jen of Made By Girl

    Saw your work on Creature comforts…So gorgeous! :)

    Jen Ramos

  18. couture prom dresses

    to think you can make something that beautiful with … bluetack. but seriously, it's gorgeous.

  19. Oh! I never saw this one. I love this.

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