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an exchange (and other goodies)


I recently did an exchange with anja from clevernettle. I’d been saving my gifts for a special post but I just can’t resist posting them now! I also received some prints from caitlin shearer in the mail this morning, my first purchase from her store but definitely not the last! Plus my favourite super comfy black suede heels thrown in for good measure..


vintage salmon pink silk blouse / vintage ruffle neck blouse / shoe clips?! / postcards – all gifts from the lovely anja


prints I purchased from caitlin shearer’s etsy / vintage lightly studded bow heels

I think the cornflower blue blouse has quickly become one of my favourites. Great tucked into a belt cinched skirt or the more I admire Miss Shearer’s delightful print, I’m eager to to pair it with a pair of shapely jeans. I wish I could make big hips look as lovely as this little lady does!

On another note, I’ve just bought a great deal of brass mesh. I’m dying to show you what else I’ve done with it but i’ll leave that until next week. There may be pompoms involved…. maybe, definitely..

hope you all have a lovely weekend!

13 Responses to an exchange (and other goodies)

  1. Michelle

    the colours of those blouses are irresistible. i think the blue one would definitely look great with a waist-cinching skirt!

  2. Noemi Sunshine Ferst


  3. Joanna M.

    Oh the colors are so yummy!Pretty, pretty, pretty!!
    And Caitlin'ss artwork is the best :)

  4. Hello Lindello

    They are just darling. I love the colors of those blouses too!

  5. delicate diaries

    We should so do a swap! That would be so fun! haha.. I'm actually thinking of doing some things like this, I'll be making lots of pretty things to swap with people and I'd be more than happy for you to join in! x

  6. Hannah

    I've said it before and I'll say it again; I love those shoes! I meant to comment on your last post too but I forgot- just wanted to chirp on about how amazing it is. Seriously, you find the best images. The best!

  7. Vamoose

    delicate diaries: sounds like a lovely idea :)

    hannah: I'm making those random inspiration posts a bit more regular I think! I may have to dedicate the next one to you, an interest we both share ;)

  8. Emily

    The blouses are such beautiful peter rabbit colours.
    This is my first time on your blog and it is gorgeous I look forward to reading more of it

  9. emily

    love all this stuff, beautiful blouses…can't resist peach at the moment!

    your blog is definitely bookmarked and added to my links page, wonderful inspirations posts too


  10. Jaeve + Things

    That blue blouse is so pretty. I just bought one very similar to it. Goes perfect with a pair of dark skinnies. :) Great blog you have here!

  11. Mo

    I love this idea. How wonderful! Lovely gifts.

  12. Sarah

    Just found your blog via Hello Mr Fox. Gorgeous images, beautiful colours & amazing jewellery – just added a link to my site :)

  13. couture dresses

    I absolutely love the blue dress – both the colour and the design, it's very beautiful.

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