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mesh development

making plans

Seeing as a few of you liked the mesh bracelet, I thought I'd try a some other mesh related experiments whilst I wait for the necessary supplies to arrive. You all sure are good motivators! It's always good to hear your opinions so thank you.


After a fair amount of rummaging I came across some vintage skinny mesh, a much thinner and delicate version of the stretchy and thick mesh I used for the first bracelet. I did try and repeat the sailor's knot bracelet but the result was not good! After a little clipping and twisting I changed it into a tiny knotted ring band. Still not what I had in mind but not a bad first attempt!


because I couldn't not make a mesh tassel...

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... which was quickly developed into two styles of earring and then the mandatory bow necklace


...the ends still need to be filed smooth and I may try some other bow shapes. Perhaps add this to my list of ring designs?


It will also need to go through the necessary quality checks. Quality checks can often involve me making up a sample and pulling at it as hard as I can in multiple directions. Some good things can come from this! Such as when I was trying to pull the metal ends off the rope knot bracelet, I ended up destroying everything but the connection between the metal and rope. It resulted in quite a nice looking rope tassel.


While searching for the skinny mesh, I came across some tiny vintage charms I'd forgotten about.........airplane earrings anyone?

saturday crafting

I do enjoy crafty Saturdays. I'll keep you updated on the mesh bracelet, I'm hoping to sell them in the etsy shop once they've been perfected :) I'll be having another crafting day tomorrow. I have so many incomplete bits and pieces which really need finishing, so expect a proper shop update post sometime next week!

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15 replies to this post

By Bailey, 27th May 2011
Hi- First of all I love your blog. it is terribly inspiring. Where do you source your materials from?
By Miami Beach Mansion Rentals, 13th May 2010
I just have to have little plane earrings. They are too adorable.
By Mariella, 13th February 2010
i just looooove the ring! really it's so cute! and i'm very sad that you haven't got the pom pom bracelet in your shop anymore, because i just discovered your beautiful blog and i love the pom pom necklace and the sailor's knot bracelet! <3 your work is totally amazing!
By Travelbunny, 11th February 2010
My dear I love the blog and the shop. I like the airplane earrings but would you consider doing them with a silver chain/gold plane look? <br />penneycpowell@hotmail.com<br /><br />travelbunny.blogspot.com<br />maybethisdoor.etsy.com
By Couture, 22nd January 2010
I love the airplane-earrings!<br /><br />Judith<br />http://couture-and-beauty.blogspot.com/
By Kathryn / The Vamoose, 21st January 2010
hi lauren, I'll be putting them in the shop soon! Just trying to perfect my soldering/glueing technique :)
By lauren, 21st January 2010
oh i love your jewelry! i want to buy one of those mesh bow rings, how can i do that?<br /><br />lauren<br />http://www.deargolden.com
By Michelle, 15th January 2010
you make some of the most veautiful things i've ever seen! please continue, i'm so glad i found this blog.
By Lindsey, 14th January 2010
The bow necklace is too cute!
By Kathryn / The Vamoose, 10th January 2010
thank you! <br /><br />Lately I've been thinking about taking up some kind of jewelry/metalwork class. Metal is such an interesting material, I keep wanting to know more about ways to work with it! good luck with your class :)
By C, 10th January 2010
The mesh is gorgeous, I love the tassels. I'm in a jewelry/metalworking class right now and I'm definitely not a natural when it come to manipulating metal... your post is keeping me motivated to practice harder!
By albrown, 10th January 2010
so cute!
By Stacie, 9th January 2010
Wow! Your work is fantastic:)
By Sarah J, 9th January 2010
Can these be any more amazing?<br />the mesh ring is a definite fave- it's simple enough to pair with anything and elegant enough to inspire feelings of confidence when wearing it!
By Kate, 9th January 2010
my absolute favorite blog, you are so talented it's ridiculous! x

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