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long overdue

a collection

Hello there,

Apologies for the lack of posting! I'll do a big update this week (and perhaps a D.I.Y?!) but until then here's a look at some of the new pieces now available in the shop.....


rope and cube necklace / h&m dress


papaya whip pompom necklace /  silk blouse from zara


pale blue pompom necklace with removable chain / vintage dress with my Grandma's old leather belt


Mini papaya whip pom pom necklace / H&M dress


Sailor's knot necklace / H&M dress / Urban Outfitters belt

More to share very soon!

image credit: personal photographs

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19 replies to this post

By Claire, 6th May 2010
Love your items! I keep checking your store. I hope you make more. :) Just love it!
By meena meena, 28th December 2009
GAH i love the way that whiteish pompom necklace looks with the blue vintage dress! perfect!
By ebony jane, 19th December 2009
all so stunning + nice layout :) x
By Julia Bastine, 18th December 2009
These are divine!
By love_again, 18th December 2009
These are all so beautiful. I'll definitly check out the shop.
By Camilla, 17th December 2009
Hi.<br /><br />I just bought one of the sailor knot necklace and I can't wait to receive it.<br /><br />Have a great day.<br /><br />:)<br /><br />From Camilla/ Oxideret.dk
By Kathryn / The Vamoose, 16th December 2009
the chain is a mixture of new and vintage and the rope was purchased from a small jewellery/trimmings store in the Uk.
By Anonymous, 16th December 2009
they are really fabulous! where did you buy the rope and the chain?
By Kathryn / The Vamoose, 16th December 2009
yes I had a lot of etsy love from Germany yesterday!<br />Thank you VERY much Jessie!!!
By jessie, 16th December 2009
love love love your stuff! i hope you had some german customers yesterday: <br /><br />http://www.lesmads.de/2009/12/etsy-shop_the_vamoose.html<br /><br />best<br />jessie
By sugar & spice, 15th December 2009
you make such luvly things!<br /><br />i love the pom poms.<br /><br />the one on your site with the single "pom" is so adorable. i hope i can find some money ;).<br /><br />time to start saving lunch money, lol.<br /><br /><br />you are sooo talented!
By bri., 15th December 2009
these would make such a perfect gift!! i love them, dear.<br /><br />xx Bri<br /><br />d e s i g n l o v e f e s t
By Annie, 14th December 2009
you are so so brilliant! i love everything, so inspiring. i am really learning to appreciate subtle colors with hints of rich ones. very elegant
By Kathryn / The Vamoose, 14th December 2009
thank youuu and yes DIY soon!
By C, 14th December 2009
I love your creations, and the palette you're working with! I've always been typically drawn to bright, bold colours myself, but have been intrigued lately by muted, soft shades... I'd be excited if you post a DIY.
By Hello Lindello, 14th December 2009
I want it all!!<br /><br />you style them all so nice too.
By Rebecca, 14th December 2009
Beautiful! I love the contrast of the soft tones with the bold chains.
By samantha, 14th December 2009
Oh everything looks so divine! I just want it all, and I am especially jealous of your beautiful clothes you always pair with your creations. Great eye, style, and talent!
By blue moss, 14th December 2009
they are all so fabulous!!!

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