The Vamoose

pom pom factory

pom pom factory

Everything surrounding me is covered in a fine layer of pink dust…

11 Responses to pom pom factory

  1. Jenny

    They're so cute and happy! I just want to squish them!
    I'm so glad I found your blog, here and on tumblr. You have such amazing inspirations!

  2. Stevie

    Wow! These are gorgeous. Such a subtle shade of pink.

  3. p*

    Will you be selling some pom pom necklaces in your etsy shop? 'cause i'm dying to own one since i've seen one in one of your past article!!

  4. Vamoose

    thank you and yes p* i'm sitting here making them right now!
    I should have mentioned that the reason they're taking so long is because I improved the design. I've redone the same piece about 3 times over before I got it completely right. Didn't want to rush and start selling something that wasn't up to standard ;)

  5. Hello Lindello

    I just came across your shop/blog ths morning. Wow, I LOVE your jewelry. I am so excited for those pom pom necklaces (just like everyone else I'm sure!). I just blogged about your little shop as well. Have a great day!


  6. Joanna M.

    This is delightful! ♥

  7. Valencia Lia

    I really really can't wait for these necklaces !!

    Love love pom poms <3

  8. bri.

    check YOU out!!!


    hello lovely. happy friday.

    would you be interested in a blog link exchange?

    I admire your blog, simple as that :)

    B R I E M E R Y

  9. Annie

    dude these are amazing. i am so in love.

  10. Mansion Rentals Miami Beach

    Ever since I first saw your pom poms, I'm trying to figure how come I can't make something this pretty. Must say, am a bit jealous, but in that good way.

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