The Vamoose

rope and pom poms


pom pom necklaces / segmented and knotted rope pieces / multi-functional chain / charms, charms, charms /
lockets / bow brooches / pom pom brooches / brass cube bracelet


black wrap dress with the most flattering neckline & bow front blouse from H&M / fabric, rope and copper necklaces


reworked vintage dress / segmented rope necklace / brass cube bracelet / layered charm necklaces


I’ve finally decided on my packaging design. After struggling to find the right size/colour paper luggage tags, I decided to just make my own! I’m also a little obsessed with anything elephant related at the moment. Oh and expect to see many more knotted rope creations. I still need to share my finished rope body piece!

For those are are interested, I’ll be posting a link to my etsy shop this monday evening! Just going on a weekend trip to get some more of the peachy pom pom fabric. I only bought 50 cm and now I’ve run out and worried I won’t be able to find more! Wish me luck…

p.s. thank you so much to those who blogged about or commented on the last post. It’s much appreciated!

image credit: personal photographs | all jewellery self-made

23 Responses to rope and pom poms

  1. vintageveggie

    egads! i must get my hands on some of these lovely creations!

  2. Teresa

    Yes, I love them all. I especially would like to sport your Pom Pom creations. So cute! BTW, the packaging turned out great! I like how organic it looks.

  3. anja louise

    I can't wait to see your shop!

  4. Saorise

    Wow! Your blog is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    i added you to my blog roll!

  5. clark

    these look amazing. i love the pink necklace and the lockets! excited to see your shop

  6. czas

    i love everything you make. can't wait for the shop link.

  7. Katherine

    Love these! I especially love the necklaces with rope!!

  8. Antonia

    can't wait for the unveiling of your etsy shop! Your work is amazing. You're so talented!!

  9. Caitlin

    cant wait till you open your etsy shop. everything looks soo gorgeous

  10. Julia

    i am very interested- and looking forward to your etsy shop. can't wait!:)

  11. Modemädchen

    Your jewellery is lovely! Can't wait for your shop…


  12. Vamoose

    thank you everyone!
    and for anyone interested I managed to buy the last few metres of the peachy pom pom fabric, hooray!

  13. Sarah Deragon

    gorgeous gorgeous!


  14. weequizzie

    Love them. Can you post details of your Etsy shop?

  15. Vamoose

    weequizzie: i'm still adding items at this very moment, here is the link but there are only 3 things in there!


    very very lovely! :)

  17. Svenja

    I adore your jewellery! Especially because of my big love for pompons.

  18. melly

    You go girl, your creations and colour palette is awesome!

  19. Lydia

    You have an absolutely breathtaking blog. I don't know where to begin, but I've got to say you are infinitely inspiring.

  20. Valencia Lia

    Ohhh my gosh !! I love love all your new finds and also you very own etsy store !!

    Yeahhhhh I'm really really so so excited ! Those pom poms necklace,I will get my hands on one of them <3 <3

  21. sarahtay

    hi sweets, i came to know about your little precious things from mila over at loveology.

    i love and totally adore those little pendant necklaces! i realised that there are none of those tiny pendant/lockets ones in your etsy. do let me know if you're gonna be making any more yeah! :) cos i'm really interested!

    keep it up, darling. they're really beautiful! xx

  22. drawing tablet

    Your jewelery makes the H&M clothes look upscale. Especially loving the bow front top/necklace combo.

  23. Treadgold

    I am a jewellery designer in Sydney, Australia and just discovered your collection via the Creature Comforts blog. Love your work. Very unique and the colours are stunning.

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