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| Back view of a self-made sheer blouse and the beginning of a piece of body jewelry. Just a quick photo I took to sketch a few ideas from.

I used extra fine silk jersey with french seams throughout and a small line of gathers at the back. The necklace is created from antique ribbon and vintage brass rope chain. I love the idea of having a cohesive collection of garments and jewelry. Pieces which were designed specifically to be worn together but can still be worn separately.

image credit: personal photograph

7 Responses to design development

  1. YeYe

    It looks great, must be so soft and so hard to sew!

  2. Jenny

    Lovely. I also love the idea of combining jewelry with clothes – makes accessorizing so much easier for the wearer =)

  3. Kendra

    Love the pictures and love your blog, please come check out mine and let me know what you think :)

  4. The Holly & Molly HeadBand

    You have a really smart blog.
    I love it. ^_^

  5. Vamoose

    thanks everyone and yes YeYe it's so delicate, nails must be filed at all times ;)

  6. Hello Lindello

    I adore this look!
    I just checked out your other designs and I am in love. You are so talented!

  7. What a perfect blouse!!

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