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I spent today working on a new accessory idea. I only required three pom poms for the necklace, although ended up making over 20 of them in search of the perfect shape/texture. After finding this so called perfect pom pom shape, of course i’d forgotten the different steps I’d taken to get there. oh well, I’m sure I’ll find a use for all of those extras. Perhaps as a detachable decoration for my rope body piece?


…a few of the wool pom poms I made before switching to the sheer peachy/nude fabric, although they will probably end up in the from of a necklace also! The oversized brass ball chain is another necklace under construction.


| fabric and brass necklace in progress
the brass chain is vintage so still needs a bit of a clean to make it more shiny and golden.
I’ve been experimenting with ways to clean brass and so far a mixture of vinegar and water seems to do a good job at removing tarnish.


I get a strange enjoyment out of hanging flowers around the house to dry. The hydrangea and allium varieties being particular favourites. It’s nice to think of them as mother nature’s pom poms. I’m looking forward to continuing work on these pieces. Hopefully I will have something more to share very soon.

source: personal photographs

15 Responses to making plans

  1. YeYe

    So beautiful! I love it so much!

  2. the wild wolves

    this is so beautiful! you are so creative

  3. Faire

    so talented!

  4. grapegathering


  5. Vamoose

    thank you ladies!

  6. heleen

    this makes me so nostalgic for those craft sessions at my primary school where i first learned how to make pompoms… of course mine weren't half as beautiful as yours!

  7. lily

    When are you going to open a shop already! I love everything you make :)

  8. Hawa

    this is sooo beautiful, the chain details…and the colours are working off each other so well!

  9. blue moss

    super, super great!!
    love your lovely blog too
    so glad that i found it

  10. clareassiral

    i cant wait to see whats in your etsy store. already loving the sneaks

  11. Annie

    that pompom cluster is so amazing! I love it! you are so inspiring my wardrobe

  12. couture prom dresses

    of the cluster of pompoms in the top picture would look gorgeous with a simple dress.

  13. katrina

    wow! these are beautiful. What sort of material is that being used (the sheer). Perfectly stunning :o)

    • thevamoose

      Thank you Katrina :) I think it’s some kind of nylon/polyester blend. I’d completely forgotten about that fabric. I may need to have another attempt at it!

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