The Vamoose

a skirt for fall


A skirt in the making: structured wool skirt with paneled french seams and belt holes for chain

I’d stopped because it looked horrible on me but now after time apart, I suddenly have an urge to give it another go. It has chain details as the sides which are detachable/adjustable allowing you to cinch to your preference. I uploaded a webcam pic just after it on my flickr and now I’m dying to try it on with my oversized ‘house’ shirt. I love those types of clothes that were purposefully purchased for lounging around the house in. The necklace below is a gift for Hannah.


Image credit: my own photographs

3 Responses to a skirt for fall

  1. thesydneygirl

    i would love to see the skirt ON you! it looks lovely and i love the adjustable chain detail! x

  2. Vamoose

    ha ha, for now I shall tease you with my torso!

  3. Dreamy

    i want to see it on too!

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