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jersey and chain


I’m going away for a few days tomorrow, one of which will include a visit to a fabric warehouse/shop. Rather excited, especially since I have just ordered an overlocker! I’ll be celebrate my purchase by buying masses of jersey for a few dress projects. The dress above is one I made a while ago with chain detail at the back. The side gaps are intended for belts or body chain. I have acquired more chain since so I may have to make it again a little less sparingly!

8 Responses to jersey and chain

  1. Kim Coleman


  2. thesydneygirl

    you made this dress? IT'S GORGEOUS! i love it! x

  3. Hannah

    Oh wow, an overlocker. I remember using those at A level. They made life so much easier! I can't wait to see what you make with it.

  4. Sher

    wow, you have such a lovely blog! beautiful illustrations and you make dresses that look like this? AMAZING!

    AM following you!!


  5. Jenny*

    what an inspiring blog you have! Love it! Just added you to my blogroll.
    ♥ from Spain

  6. LAYNE

    have fun buying fabric :)


  7. Vamoose

    thank you everyone!

    hannah: yes I know! I'm off to buy a load of thread for it tomorrow, looking forwards to seeing what it can do.

    layne: i may have got a bit carried away with buying fabric and bought an entire roll which is bigger than me :s whoops

  8. juliette

    i can't believe you made this! it's beautiful :)
    so, so beautiful

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