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I thought I'd share a few of my recent design projects with you. Please excuse the blurry pics. They were taken rather hastily and it wasn't the ideal situation to mess around with my camera while balancing one leg on the bed side table and the other in mid-air. Not so graceful.

01 / self made necklace using vintage materials

Currently one of my favourites. It consists of double lengths of cross-over chain and a chunky double linked chain, threaded with a textured silky ribbon. The two colours look really luxurious together and I'm really loving semi-chunky long necklaces at the moment.

02 / self made full length dress

I spent so much time making this dress and one day I just stopped. The next time I have a day off I'm getting my sewing machine out and finally finishing it! I imagine the dress looks really plain at the moment but hopefully I can show you again when it is complete. It has a few interesting design details, such as multiple ways to cinch sections of the waist and create different drape effects.

03 / dress fabric

Totally unplanned, but I somehow talked myself into purchasing an entire roll of dress fabric on my last visit to the fabric shop. It has the most beautiful drape and I couldn't bear the thought that it wouldn't be there on my next visit.

Image source: personal photographs

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8 replies to this post

By pita bakery, 17th May 2010
I have a habit of "accidentally" buying things too, and I love it.
By wolf, 7th May 2010
oh my! that dress! do you sell something like this? it is perfection.
By Kathryn / The Vamoose, 25th September 2009
thank you for the lovely comments. <br />i'll be setting up shop soooooon!
By lily, 25th September 2009
Wow, your necklace is so beautiful! If you ever make any extras, I would love to take one off your hands:)
By emedemarta, 24th September 2009
what a beautiful pieces you've make! <br /><br />and i think the pictures are great, they are so evocative
By Velo, 24th September 2009
wow u are very adorable! =)<br />nice to know ur blog, dear!
By A, 24th September 2009
love the necklace and dress<br />very talented!
By Kim Coleman, 23rd September 2009
that necklace! you might have to make more to sell!

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