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Meet Margaret and her selection of spectacles. I created my first ever animated gif today, well without the assistance of gickr. It’s so much easier than I expected and if you want to give it a go, I followed these instructions. Would love to see anything you create!

I’m currently looking for some new frames. I can only leave the house in contacts as mine are taped up either side after an unfortunate accident. Not great. Hopefully these will provide me with some inspiration.


source: personal illustrations / spectacle designs were drawn from here

13 Responses to margaret

  1. vintageveggie

    oh. oh. oh. this is brilliance.

  2. Charlotte Drene

    This is fantastic!

    Very, very good!

  3. juliette

    this is wonderful!

  4. Vamoose

    ha ha thank you.
    i really enjoyed making it.

  5. thesydneygirl

    wowowowow! i LOVE what you've done! thanks for the instructions :) xxx

  6. Anthem

    I love this!!

  7. LYDIA!

    thats really good!! love it!

  8. Olga

    Ohhhhh beautiful drawing!

    Olga xx

  9. The Haute-Shopper

    Such a gorgeous illustration (as all of yours are… just discovered this fabulous blog). I love the animated effect you created…

    The frames are lovely as well. I think shopping for these is always tricky, as the smallest detail can change how it looks on your face. Good luck with the hunt!

  10. Flor M.

    This blog is so beautiful! Congratulations…!

  11. luxury vacation rentals Miami

    very cool, makes me want to give it a try

  12. miami mansion rentals

    I love these frames, they are wonderful!


    thanks for the instruction links!!!
    hopefully i can creat something nearly as good – i'll show you when i do!:)

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