The Vamoose

zipper skirt part 2


Possibly the summer version of this black wool skirt. I used lightweight denim, paired with zip outlines and detachable gathers. Once again there are also little gaps in the seams for the belt to weave through. Recently I’ve been adding those belt gaps in most of the things I’ve been making, including a gathered top in the same purple fabric using the holes to thread through a body chain.

Image source: personal photographs

10 Responses to zipper skirt part 2

  1. Lecon de vetement

    Oh my god that skirt is beautiful!!! I want it!!!

  2. Looby

    that is lovely!! you are really really talented. did you make the top too?? looby xx

  3. Shannon Adsero

    That is very lovely.

  4. Damsels


    and live the zippers … i would wear it closed though .

    love your top as well

  5. Vamoose

    thank you, and yes i made the top. it was actually meant to look a little different but being a sleep derived idiot i accidentally cut out two fronts instead of a front and back! oh well!

  6. Vamoose

    by derived i meant deprived! again, idiot.

  7. Preen Cosmetics

    Wow what a great skirt! what a talented little lady you are :)

  8. Cookies

    I love the concept. Beautiful.

  9. Vamoose

    thanks again. my next project involves chains, lots of chains!!

  10. cocorosa

    LOVEEEEEE this!!!!!!!

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