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the zipper skirt

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Self-made garments: ultra fine jersey tank with french seams and low gathered back | black wool skirt with adjustable fit

Separate gathers can be zipped onto the skirt like this one. there are also little gaps in the seams for a belt to be weaved in and cinch at certain places. Unzipping the back allows it to be worn lower on the hip.

You can see more of the things i have made here.

image source: personal photographs

7 Responses to the zipper skirt

  1. grapegathering

    You go girl!

  2. Vamoose

    ha ha thanks

  3. vintageveggie

    gasp!!! it's beautiful.

  4. jules

    Oh my! So lovely!

  5. A**

    I saw a similar dress in Zara!! I felt in love but it was too expensive!!!!! nice!


  6. Damsels

    wow great job!
    We Were Damsels

  7. Vamoose

    thanks everyone! the *gasp* made me laugh :)

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