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Hairbands & Lipstick

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Hairbands & Lipstick

An illustration I made a while ago but forgot to share..

4 Responses to Hairbands & Lipstick

  1. adrienne

    it looks awesome without a body and clothes!

  2. Damsels

    that's a great illustraition i like your blog a lot and am now following you on bloglovin . ilokk forward to your new posts :)
    We Were Damsels

  3. Vamoose

    thank you! and yes i do prefer it without a body even if i did draw sausage fingers :p

  4. Hawa

    i love this sooo much, partly because i really want to cut my fringe again and this is inspiring me and partly because its sooo wow, i mean in terms of illustration as well as the character you have created!

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