The Vamoose

Material Girl

Material Girl - PLEASE HELP ME!

Personal illustration inspired by an issue of Material Girl.

EDIT: thanks to everyone who filed in the questionnaire for me. It was greatly appreciated!

7 Responses to Material Girl

  1. stephanie alex

    i love your blog!

  2. Vamoose

    thank you, I was beginning to wonder whether anybody looked at it! yours is lovely as well.

  3. sarah

    i took your survey!

  4. Tereza Š.

    I am going to take that survey and I love this picture!


  5. Vamoose

    thank you and thank you!

  6. sofie

    there you go!
    and i agree, great illustration :)

  7. Lina

    Do you love fashion and photography ? Then this is for you.

    2 young french bloggers. A new blog on the way.

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