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Browse the latest additions and explore our collection of silk and cotton necklaces, colourful beaded bracelets and semi-precious earrings.

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Statement necklaces with semi-precious stones in iridescent moonstone, polished black tourmaline and Peruvian pink opal. Our collection features simple chains with polished brass and natural leather cords for effortless layering.

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Vibrant bracelets with semi-precious stones, polished brass and colourful soft cords. Each bracelet is made-to-order in a choice of sizes to help you find your perfect fit.

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Semi-precious earrings in classic and limited edition styles featuring natural marble, Peruvian opal, moonstone and handmade tassels in silk or cotton.

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Made to order bridal jewellery in classic and modern styles featuring natural marble, freshwater pearls, moonstone and handmade silk tassels.