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Hello there, Today marks one year since my very first sale and the 'birth' of The Vamoose!

As a small thank you to all the support you have given, I'm offering the chance to win an item, any item, of your choice from the shop. All are welcome to enter, just be sure to follow the guidelines below and ensure the product is in stock.

EDIT: This giveaway has ended. Thank you so much to everyone who took part! I ended up randomly selecting two winners. Congrats to Meredith who chose the serpentine and metal necklace and Anabela with a pom pom necklace!

To enter: leave a comment with your name, a link to your chosen product from the shop and an email address so the winner can be contacted.

Increase your chances: Posting about this giveaway with a link on your blog, twitter or facebook entitles you to an additonal entry/comment.

Please ensure to include the link to your post in the comment. The giveaway will be open for a week until Wednesday, 24th November and a winner will be chosen at random. Not sure what to choose? I've compiled a collection of products below as inspiration for your selection. Simply click on an image to be linked to the product page.

pom pom necklace in soft green

tourmaline and silk cord necklace

agate slice necklaces

metal and serpentine necklace

onyx cubes and brass necklace

sesame jasper and metal necklace

pyrite cluster necklace

citrine drop necklace

turquoise nugget necklace

Good luck everyone! And don't forget, your comment requiresyour name (surname not required), a link to your chosen product and an email address. I look forward to seeing your selections!

Image source: personal photographs

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367 replies to this post

By T E L I S H A H, 5th May 2011
I adore this necklace: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html
Email: Telishah@gmx.de - Name: Theresa B.
By tara-lynn, 4th May 2011
congrats on your insane success!
By Ra., 26th January 2011
Sarah - dotysarah@gmail.com<br />Congrats on a year of blogging!<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/onyx-horn-necklace-72.html
By Cassidy, 20th December 2010
You have the loveliest stuff. I wish I could have it all <3
By Honor, 8th December 2010
i love love love love love love love this.<br />http://www.bloglovin.com/m/280211/148573199/a/0/aHR0cCUzQSUyRiUyRnRoZXZhbW9vc2UuYmxvZ3Nwb3QuY29tJTJGMjAxMCUyRjExJTJGdXBkYXRlLWZyZWUtc2hpcHBpbmcuaHRtbA==<br /><br />I included it in my etsy treasury tonight!<br />thanks<br />Honor<br />hvrdunn@gmail.com
By Heather, 29th November 2010
Congrats!<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html<br /><br />retzke@gmail.com
By peachpatrol, 27th November 2010
Oh me oh my! So in love!! My absolute favourite is the 'Small Citrine Drop Necklace', the clear one with the coloured tip: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/small-citrine-drop-necklace-111.html<br /><br />j'adore!!<br /><br />fruzsi<br />fruzsi9@hotmail.com
By alli, 27th November 2010
OOH! http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/pyrite-cluster-necklace-119.html<br /><br />email in profile.
By Ella, 24th November 2010
Congrats! The second I heard about your shop a couple months ago I went and spent all my money on 3 necklaces! They are beautiful and my favorite jewelry of all time! <br /><br />My favorite piece right now is the smoky quartz and silk cord necklace.<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/smokey-quartz-and-silk-cord-necklace-124.html<br /><br />I really believe in the power of crystals and stones, and I could use this beautiful necklace to get over some apprehensions I have from moving forward that are just silly and fear-based. <br /><br />My email is elaytham@yahoo.com, and my name is Ella.
By Jillian, 24th November 2010
yah!!! i love the vamoose:: and i adore this necklace: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br />as seen on my blog: http://cornflakedreams.blogspot.com/2010/11/craving.html AND http://cornflakedreams.blogspot.com/2010/11/betsy.html<br /><br />xoxo jillian
By Flora, 24th November 2010
Hi!<br />I posted about this giveaway on twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/FloraMaria/status/7539907069218816<br />This is my fave: http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/amethyst-nugget-necklace-113.html with the length 31''<br />my eMail: florawegemann@yahoo.de<br /><br />xo Flora
By Sharon, 24th November 2010
I adore your work and blog!!<br /><br />my favorite is the agate slice necklace. so charming! <br /><br />sharon - shoshtamir@gmail.com<br />thanks!!!
By Cathy, 24th November 2010
If its possible to leave two comments as you noted on your post then I nominate this beautiful second choice thank you! Cathy kidsinlove.tumblr.com<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/howlite-spikes-necklace-71.html
By Cathy, 24th November 2010
Congratulations on your premier anniversary. Your pieces are always lovely inspiration and I love looking at your tumblr too. Cheers! Cathy<br />ps: I posted this on my own blog at<br />www.kidsinlovebrooklyn.tumblr.com<br />If I had to choose just one...<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/tourmaline-and-silk-cord-necklace-122.html
By Kate, 24th November 2010
Hi - I already entered the contest, but I wanted to let you know I posted about you on my blog. I love your work. <br /><br />Kate
By Ewa, 24th November 2010
Love your shop especially this lovely necklace:<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html<br /><br /><br /><br />Ewa - eszyszko1@poczta.onet.pl
By Lukasz, 24th November 2010
http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br /><br />Lukasz l-m-w@o2.pl
By Victoria, 24th November 2010
loves! <br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/turquoise-nugget-necklace-79.html
By tina benesch, 24th November 2010
I shared it! <br />http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000747567109<br /><br />and I love this one: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/pyrite-cluster-necklace-119.html<br /><br />tina_benesch@web.de
By tina, 24th November 2010
<3<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/pyrite-cluster-necklace-119.html<br />tina benesch, tina_benesch@web.de
By Paulette, 24th November 2010
Congrats on your anniversary! Picking just one thing was dang near impossible...sigh...but I'll have to go with this turquoise necklace because it's one of my favorite stones <br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/met-120.html<br /><br />mouthflowers[at]hotmail[dot]com
By Silvia, 24th November 2010
congratulations!<br />your necklaces are showstoppers and i'm drooling over the pictures, i never manage to get them so clear and professional... any hope for a tutorial in a future?<br />my fave is http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html<br />i'm a pompom girl forever ;) <br />thanks for the super generous giveaway!<br />keep up the amazing job!<br />Silvia<br />taibu80@yahoo.it
By Helen, 24th November 2010
I find this elegant: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/onyx-cubes-and-brass-tubes-necklace-121.html<br /><br />Helen<br />klaudiine@yahoo.com
By kaja, 24th November 2010
I love the pompom necklace in soft green<br /><br />Kaja kkszyszko@gmail.com
By Anonymous, 24th November 2010
Wow, wonderful stuff.<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html this one is my fav<br /><br /><br />Kaja - madamechauchat@o2.pl
By Hannah, 24th November 2010
Ah, I can't believe I almost forgot to enter this, so glad you posted a reminder in your latest post! <br /><br />It was hard to choose but I think this: <br /><br />http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/red-coral-necklace-36.html<br /><br />would be my favourite!<br /><br />Hannah / hellomrfox@gmail.com
By Anonymous, 24th November 2010
http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/met-120.html<br /><br />laura.haddad@gmx.de
By josefine weber, 24th November 2010
i forgot to give away my email-adress: josefineannaweber@gmx.de<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/two-piece-amazonite-necklace-96.html<br /><br />don't consider this cheating, just wanted to add that i posted your links also on my fascebook-page!
By josefine weber, 24th November 2010
great idea, thanks a lot for that! (allthough my chance is pretty low) <br /><br />i fell in love with this 1<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/two-piece-amazonite-necklace-96.html
By melanie, 24th November 2010
swooning over the tourmaline & silk cord necklace!<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/tourmaline-and-silk-cord-necklace-122.html<br /><br />what a thoughtful way of celebrating. congrats!<br /><br />mlmsun@yahoo.com
By emilytoastwater, 24th November 2010
<3<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/turquoise-nugget-necklace-79.html<br /><br />Whitney<br /><br />emilytoastwater@gmail.com
By whitney, 24th November 2010
My name's Whitney, and I LOVE the Onyx and Brass necklace -- so unusual and understated!<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/onyx-cubes-and-brass-tubes-necklace-121.html
By Impossibility, 24th November 2010
Hey!<br />I love your work.<br />This is my favourite.<br /><br />http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/tourmaline-and-silk-cord-necklace-122.html<br /><br />Email addy is lkasten@pnca.edu<br />My name's Lacey.<br /><br />I posted a tweet about it here too!<br />http://twitter.com/laceykasten/status/7284736355475456
By stephanie, 24th November 2010
i shared the link on my tumblr: http://stephwsc.tumblr.com/post/1665452851/vamoose-jewelry-giveaway<br /><br />stephanie<br />stephanie.c_@hotmail.com<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/serpentine-and-metal-necklace-116.html<br /><br />:)
By Emma Pulido, 24th November 2010
I LOVE your shop. I make most of own pieces and you are always an inspiration!<br />I love this: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/double-chain-magnesite-necklace-90.html<br /><br />and I posted on my blog: emmajolie.tumblr.com<br /><br />my email: epulido@macalester.edu<br /><br />thanks so much!
By stephanie, 24th November 2010
your products are so beautiful. thank you for giving us all a chance to win something :)<br /><br />stephanie<br />stephanie.c_@hotmail.com<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/serpentine-and-metal-necklace-116.html
By Elena, 24th November 2010
Congratulations!!<br /><br />The Onyx and Brass Necklace is gorgeous!<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/onyx-cubes-and-brass-tubes-necklace-121.html<br /><br />Elena,<br />e@elenaho.me
By Eileen, 24th November 2010
my favorite is the Pyrite Nugget Necklace. Simple but beautiful :)<br /><br />Congrats! All your jewelry is just amazing.<br /><br />ecsmith310@gmail.com
By The Shoe Registry, 24th November 2010
I've always loved your pom pom necklaces! And this is why my favourite is this:<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html<br /><br />I rarely comment on people's blog because I prefer to lurk and be all ninja like, so I'd like to take this opportunity to say I love the things you post, be it the stuff you make or the theme posts(which I find very inspirational.) <br /> http://sophication.tumblr.com/post/1664640417/vamoose-is-having-a-giveaway-yes-pom-poms <br /><br />sophication@gmail.com
By Jordan, 24th November 2010
For what it's worth, I almost forgot!<br /><br />http://jordandanielle.tumblr.com/post/1664393498/everyone-wish-the-vamoose-a-happy-one-year
By Jordan, 24th November 2010
I absolutely adore - http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br />I've been lusting after it for weeks, maybe even months.<br /><br />Congrats on all your success love, I think of you every time I wear my pyrite!<br /><br />Cheers,<br />jordan.danielle.thomas@gmail.com
By meredith, 24th November 2010
i love everything...but narrowed down to one right now....<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/serpentine-and-metal-necklace-116.html<br /><br />the sesame jasper one is equally amazing<br /><br />Meredith<br />meredithburgeson@lagunacollege.edu<br /><br />tumblr link: http://killersquids.tumblr.com/post/1664028549/thevamoose-shop-update-marble-and-brass<br /><br />congrats!
By ghostfeathers, 24th November 2010
Congrats on your success so far! You have great things :)<br />I must say, I love: <br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/fir-charm-necklace-118.html<br />it's adorable.<br /><br />trish - trishyeung925@hotmail.com
By Sarah, 24th November 2010
what a wonderful giveaway!<br /><br />My pick would be the sesame jasper necklace:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br />sarah - sarahtweis@gmail.com
By anna, 23rd November 2010
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥<br />♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥<br />fall in love with vamoose<br />♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥<br />♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥<br />♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥<br />♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥<br />♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥<br />♥♥♥♥pom♥♥♥♥♥♥<br />♥♥♥♥pom♥♥♥♥♥♥<br />♥♥♥♥pom♥♥♥♥♥♥<br />♥♥♥♥pom♥♥♥♥♥♥<br /> ♥♥♥♥<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-brown-107.html<br /><br />cocktailerin@web.de
By nefarious, 23rd November 2010
ahh one hour to go!<br />they are all so lovely but I'll have to go with http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br />by the way, you inspired me to start my own jewellery shop :)<br />charlotte@thecdexperiment.com
By Fashion Guerillas, 23rd November 2010
http://twitter.com/#!/JennyatFG/status/7194976773480448<br /><br />my tweet<br /><br />I would love to get<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/amethyst-nugget-necklace-113.htm<br /><br />Jenny from<br />jenny@fashion-guerillas.de
By Fashion Guerillas, 23rd November 2010
Love every item :)<br /><br />Jenny<br /><br />jenny@fashion-guerillas.de<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/amethyst-nugget-necklace-113.html
By ktott, 23rd November 2010
thanks for this great opportunity. i really like your shop!!!<br />my favourite piece is:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/amethyst-nugget-necklace-113.html<br />kathrin.bundschuh@sbg.ac.at
By julia, 23rd November 2010
amazing blog, amazing necklaces.<br />hugs and kisses,<br /><br />Julia<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/double-chain-magnesite-necklace-90.html<br /><br />juliaklementyna@gmail.com
By Kathrin, 23rd November 2010
oh wow!<br /><br />I love love love all the jewellery you create! wonderful.<br />my favorite necklace is on of them I think: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/turquoise-nugget-necklace-79.html<br /><br />kalle-katinka@web.de
By The Wee Harlequin, 23rd November 2010
Congratulations on a year :)<br /><br />My favourites are your work with single stones, they have such a classical beauty.<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/tourmaline-and-silk-cord-necklace-122.html
By Rebecca, 23rd November 2010
This is so nice and my congrats! I'd love to have one piece of your amazing collection and would like to win this great one:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/tourmaline-and-silk-cord-necklace-122.html<br /><br />lieblingsrebecca@gmail.com
By Sarah, 23rd November 2010
Congratulation to your shop's anniversary and thanks for this great giveaway!<br /><br />Difficult to choose only one, but I picked the turquoise nugget necklace. http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/turquoise-nugget-necklace-79.html<br /><br />karla-kolumna@web.de
By Anonymous, 23rd November 2010
congrats! love your work. love this necklace http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html<br /><br />its brilliant!<br /><br />aznminh2000@hotmail.de
By Eveline, 23rd November 2010
Nice giveaway, i love your shop:)<br />My name is Eveline <br />and my favourite product is > http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/single-pom-pom-necklace-89.html the light peach one<br />xx<br />evelinesingsallday@hotmail.com
By Anonymous, 23rd November 2010
Happy Birthday Vamoose and thanks for your special giveaway!<br />I would like to win this one:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/coral-branch-necklace-117.html<br /><br />daniela.struwe@gmx.net
By etinette, 23rd November 2010
Love, love, love the stuff.<br /><br />My favourite:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/tourmaline-and-silk-cord-necklace-122.html<br /><br />Steffi,<br />kraemersteffi@t-online.de
By Juliana, 23rd November 2010
hey, i forgot my name... <br /><br />i'm honest: i did not know the vamoose. but i read lesmads today (like every day) and they told about vamoose. and... i had a look... i love the things!!! <br />especially the pyrite cluster necklace (27''): http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/pyrite-cluster-necklace-119.html <br />awesome, that i didn' t know the vamoose before :-(<br />so simple, so natural, so cool... wonderful!<br />my mail adress is: chuliana@gmx.de
By Anonymous, 23rd November 2010
hey. <br /><br />i'm honest: i did not know the vamoose. but i read lesmads today (like every day) and they told about vamoose. and... i had a look... i love the things!!! <br />especially the pyrite cluster necklace (27''): http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/pyrite-cluster-necklace-119.html <br />awesome, that i didn' t know the vamoose before :-(<br />so simple, so natural, so cool... wonderful!<br />my mail adress is: chuliana@gmx.de
By Marlen, 23rd November 2010
The dicision was so hard, but I chose this one, it's perfect! Thanks for the chance.<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/tourmaline-and-silk-cord-necklace-122.html <br /><br />zephyr[at]abwesend.de
By kyra zoe, 23rd November 2010
i looove this one:<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/tourmaline-and-silk-cord-necklace-122.html<br /><br />kyra zoe<br />converse_girl@hotmail.de
By Ella, 23rd November 2010
definitely the citrine necklace! <br /><br />ellacutler42@gmail.com
By Maria Helena, 23rd November 2010
wow, tks !!!<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html<br /><br />helena.design.grafico@gmail.com
By Tanja, 23rd November 2010
oh wow I'm soo in love with all your pieces and that choice wasn't easy<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br />love, tanja
By Lena, 23rd November 2010
i would be so happy to win this necklace<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/amethyst-nugget-necklace-113.html<br /><br />lenaspostoffice@googlemail.com
By Fleur Rebelle, 23rd November 2010
My blog:<br />http://fleurrebelle.blogspot.com/<br />2010/11/vamoose.html<br /><br />My favorite:<br /><br />http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/double-chain-magnesite-necklace-90.html<br /><br />Email: janine@aisberg.ch<br /><br />Janine<br /><br />xxxxx
By Noura, 23rd November 2010
Congratulations on 1 year The Vamoose! Awesome!<br />My fav piece of your collection would have to be the neckless with metal links and pom poms in soft green..<br />my email: nouralabbani@gmail.com<br />Thank you x
By Monia, 23rd November 2010
congrats!<br /><br />thats my favorite: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/met-120.html<br /><br />mac.moni@web.de<br /><br />cheers
By Valérie, 23rd November 2010
Happy Birthday!<br /><br />I'd love to win the onyx and brass necklace.<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/onyx-cubes-and-brass-tubes-necklace-121.html<br /><br />mademoisellevalerie@web.de
By Anonymous, 23rd November 2010
happy birthday dear vamoose!!<br />i love you jewellery and i love your blog and the inspiration you give me.<br />the green pompom is the most adorable.<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html<br /><br />ffabsi@gmail.com<br /><br />xxx
By Anonymous, 23rd November 2010
wow, i would love to win!<br /> http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/howlite-spikes-necklace-71.html<br /><br />Claudia - Claudilein@gmx.de
By Anett, 23rd November 2010
I congrat to your first birthday! Your jewellery is awesome. My favorite necklace is http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/single-pom-pom-necklace-89.html<br /><br />My email adress: anetting@gmx.de<br /><br />Greetings from Germany, Anett
By Anonymous, 23rd November 2010
Martina greets you from Salzburg, Austria and congratulate! I´d like this best: http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/tourmaline-and-silk-cord-necklace-122.html<br />Not at least because an Adalbert Stifter (famous Austrian Writer) Novel is called "Turmalin".<br />my email: bono002@msn.com<br />Thx!
By Bibi, 23rd November 2010
Happy 1st birthday!!<br /><br />this is my fave:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/tiny-locket-necklace-88.html<br /><br />biirgit@googlemail.com
By Jana, 23rd November 2010
http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/serpentine-and-metal-necklace-116.html<br /><br /><br /> Lovely pieces!
By Viktoria, 23rd November 2010
I'd love to have the citrine necklace. I have no jewelry in this colour and that must be changed! The citrine looks like a big chunk of sugar, I like that!<br />Great online shop!<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html<br /><br />viktoriawuttke@web.de
By julia, 23rd November 2010
happy birthday.!<br />i would love to wear this:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html<br /><br />not.like.you.do @ gmail.com
By Carri, 23rd November 2010
I've also posted this on my blog:<br />http://amprisloves.tumblr.com/post/1655822923/have-you-entered<br />Hope it can spread out the words for you!<br />Cheers,<br />Carri
By Carri, 23rd November 2010
This is awesome! :)<br /><br />My favourite item was already sold out but I also really like this one too:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-brown-107.html<br /><br />Thank you Kathryn!<br /><br />Carri - amprisloves@gmail.com
By Stephanie, 23rd November 2010
This is my favorite: <br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-brown-107.html<br /><br />Stephanie <br />somedaysmarter@gmail.com
By goldene, 22nd November 2010
congratulations on your blog...it is always such a pleasure to stop by.<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/tiny-locket-necklace-88.html
By Ainsley.N, 22nd November 2010
Congrats on all of the awesome success! I just made my first purchase a few weeks ago and I can't wait to get it in the mail!!<br /><br />This one is my favorite!! So pretty and classic.<br /><br />http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/pyrite-cluster-necklace-119.html<br /><br />Amanda - amanda.howard766@gmail.com
By Anonymous, 22nd November 2010
I am infatuated by this wonderful piece: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/two-piece-amazonite-necklace-96.html<br />Love and thanks, Laura<br /><br />email: Laura.mcmahon@live.com.au <br /><3
By Anonymous, 22nd November 2010
All of your jewellery is gorgeous!<br />I love this agate slice neclace: <br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/brown-agate-slice-necklace-109.html<br />Thanks for the great giveaway.<br /><br />x Helen Dierckx<br />(helen.dierckx@hotmail.com)
By roseanne broadley, 22nd November 2010
Ah, I cant resist re-entering! Here's a link to my blogpost:<br />http://roseannebroadley.blogspot.com/2010/11/vamoose-giveaway.html<br /><br />Fave:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/rope-and-sphere-drop-necklace-100.html<br /><br />roseannebroadley@live.co.uk<br /><br />Love, <br />Roseanne<br /><br />xx
By oDiTa, 22nd November 2010
Hi! I would like to participate in your giveaway.<br /><br />my email is odita20@gmail.com <br /><br />and the product I have chosen is this one: http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/tiny-locket-necklace-88.html<br /><br />I have posted it in facebook too:<br /><br />http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/profile.php?id=1624824726<br /><br />See you!
By Carla V., 22nd November 2010
great art pieces :)<br /><br />My favourite:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br />carla.s.valerio@gmail.com
By roseanne broadley, 22nd November 2010
Just come across youre page, adore your products!<br /><br />Fave:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html<br /><br />roseannebroadley@live.co.uk<br /><br />Love, <br />Roseanne<br /><br />x
By Juliet, 22nd November 2010
My mum bought me the pyrite drop necklace for my birthday and I love it to pieces, congratulations for being in business for a whole year, very admirable.<br />My favourite piece is this one: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/two-piece-amazonite-necklace-96.html<br />and my email is hello.julz@gmail.com.<br /><br />Juliet
By Mary Rose, 22nd November 2010
Congrats on your anniversary!!<br /><br />I adore this piece; (and pretty much everything else in the store!)<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/onyx-cubes-and-brass-tubes-necklace-121.html<br /><br />Love Mary Rose of Aviary Studio<br />mary@aviary-studio.com<br />http://aviarystudio.tumblr.com/tagged/Accessories
By Rebecca, The Clothes Horse, 22nd November 2010
It's so hard to choose, but I think a single pom necklace: http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/single-pom-pom-necklace-89.html<br />thenewclotheshorse@yahoo.com :)
By Sarah, 22nd November 2010
I love this beautiful coral necklace: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/red-coral-necklace-36.html!<br /><br />my e-mail is sarahscire@gmail.com.
By lindsay marie, 22nd November 2010
I posted a link on my blog!<br /><br />http://lindsayandsteve.blogspot.com/
By lindsay marie, 22nd November 2010
It is really hard to choose, they are all so beautiful. I think I would have to choose the single pom pom necklace. thanks for the opportunity!<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/single-pom-pom-necklace-89.html<br />lindsay.m.sadler@gmail.com
By Nadia, 21st November 2010
I do love everything you're making!<br /><br />But if I HAD to choose, then:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html<br /><br />Nadia - nadiaretail@gmail.com
By Jamie Jensen Hill, 21st November 2010
Wow! Beautiful products! i love the single pom pom necklace in green! I think I'd wear that with everything!<br /><br />jamie.a.hill@gmail.com
By Helena, 21st November 2010
I love the ball locket necklace! ( http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/ball-locket-necklace-58.html )<br /><br />sweet giveaway!<br />helena.struyven@student.kuleuven.be
By Louise, 21st November 2010
Wow, happy birthday! What a year it has been for you!<br /><br />If I was lucky enough to win, I would love this: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/single-pom-pom-necklace-89.html in any colour you have left!<br /><br />chocolate_coated_raisin[at]hotmail.com<br /><br />thank you
By weequizzie, 21st November 2010
amazing. <br /><br />http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/two-piece-amazonite-necklace-96.html<br /><br />emma@weequizzie.co.uk
By Anonymous, 21st November 2010
Congrats. :)<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/met-120.html<br /><br />K.hilllines@gmail.com<br /><br />Kate<br />x
By Sofia Amaro, 21st November 2010
Sofia<br /><br />sofia_amaro@hotmail.com<br /><br />http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/howlite-spikes-necklace-71.html
By isabel, 21st November 2010
thanks for this giveaway! i love every single item in stock, but if i'd win i'd choose the sesame jasper and metal necklace<br /><br />here's the link:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br />and my e-mail: isabel[at]cramer-hamburg.de
By Anonymous, 21st November 2010
Luísa<br /><br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/fir-charm-necklace-118.html<br /><br /><br />luisa.palminha@gmail.com
By Charmaine, 21st November 2010
Your pieces are all incredibly beautiful and inspiring!<br /><br />http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/small-citrine-drop-necklace-111.html<br /><br />ma.charchar@gmail.com
By Phoebe, 21st November 2010
i'm back again after spreading the word (and it's not bird) <br /><br />http://frances-noe.blogspot.com/2010/11/vamoose-giveaway.html<br /><br />i would really love anything in your store but especially<br /><br />http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br />francesnoe@gmail.com<br />xoxo
By Phoebe, 21st November 2010
congratulations on your first year, there will be many more to come!<br /><br />it's difficult to pick one from all your amazing pieces but i do love <br /><br />http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br />francesnoe@gmail.com<br /><br />xoxo
By Bukola, 21st November 2010
Woo Hoo!! Thanks for the giveaway. I love this necklace: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/turquoise-nugget-necklace-79.html<br /><br />I have been drooling over your necklaces from Texas for a while now, so owning one would be awesome!<br /><br />Bukola - bkoiki@gmail.com
By Anonymous, 21st November 2010
I can't believe this is actually happening! You will only continue to get more successful. Amazing work, <br /><br />this has my eye:<br />http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/two-piece-amazonite-necklace-96.html<br /><br />rebecca_ladds [@] hotmail.com
By Vanessa, 21st November 2010
Thank you and congratulations! I've loved following you and your work.<br /><br />The pyrite cluster necklace is my favorite >> http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/pyrite-cluster-necklace-119.html<br /><br />Vanessa<br />vkhuong [at] gmail [dot] com
By cymone, 21st November 2010
this is amazing! <br /><br />favorite: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/serpentine-and-metal-necklace-116.html<br /><br />love love, <br />cymone - koigrati@hotmail.com<br /><br />(link on my blog: http://palmwoods-.tumblr.com/post/1632718621/win-an-item-from-the-vamoose)
By cymone, 21st November 2010
this is amazing! <br /><br />favorite: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/serpentine-and-metal-necklace-116.html<br /><br />love love, <br />cymone - koigrati@hotmail.com<br /><br />(link on my blog: http://palmwoods-.tumblr.com/post/1632718621/win-an-item-from-the-vamoose)
By Belinda, 21st November 2010
This is an amazing giveaway! <br /><br />Here is my favorite: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/onyx-cubes-and-brass-tubes-necklace-121.html<br /><br />For some inexplicable reason, i love the feeling and appearance of cubes... so this necklace is basically crack for me. <br /><br />Belinda; outsidethefishbowl -at - gmail
By erica, 20th November 2010
yip! what an awesome idea for a give away. thanks so much and congrats Vamoose! http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/howlite-spikes-necklace-77.html<br />erica<br />ericafy@gmail.com
By Sofia, 20th November 2010
I love your items! I didn`t know about your job before I saw a post about it on a blog of a friend of mine. So, I definitely will do the same!<br />Thanks for creating this surprising giveaway.<br /><br />Sofia<br />sofia_amaro@hotmail.com<br />I am in love with: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/howlite-spikes-necklace-71.html<br /><br />http://sofiaamaro.blogspot.com/2010/11/vamoose.html
By Kirby, 20th November 2010
I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog during such a great giveaway! Happy birthday to your blog!<br /><br />I'm loving the lockets you have. <br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/ornate-locket-necklace-81.html<br /><br />kirbylaackmann@yahoo.com<br /><br />xo<br />Kirby
By clases, 20th November 2010
I do not know if I can participate, I'm from Spain.<br /><br />My name is Paloma.<br />My email is clases.clases3@gmail.com<br /><br />My favorite is this: <br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html <br /><br /><br />Ciao.
By Eden, 20th November 2010
wow, i can't believe it's only one year! congratulations :D<br /><br />ah, now the issue of choosing one item when i'd love to own every item in your shop ;)<br /><br />hmmm, it's gotta be: http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/onyx-cubes-and-brass-tubes-necklace-121.html<br /><br />thefantasyinyourmind@hotmail.co.uk<br /><br />much love xo
By Eva, 20th November 2010
Wow, what a generous and lovely idea! I'm in love with this necklace: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html<br />Congratulations on your anniversary!<br />evapaulsen@gmail.com
By Vicky, 20th November 2010
Love all the beautiful necklaces!<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html.<br /><br />vd7445@bris.ac.uk
By Jessica, 20th November 2010
Hi Kathryn! Awesome giveway, my fingers are crossed!<br />This is my favorite item from your shop:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/met-120.html<br /><br />I mentionned your giveaway on this post:<br />http://valentsine.blogspot.com/2010/11/ohaii.html<br /><br />xo<br />Jessica<br />valentsine@live.ca
By YEYE STYLE BLOG, 20th November 2010
I have always been a big fan of your work, congrats on the one year :)<br /><br />My favorite is the light green pom pom necklace:<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html<br /><br />I hope the next year will be just as amazing!<br /><br />xo<br /><br />-Izzy<br /><br />lebonbonmulticolore@gmail.com
By Malicious Mallory, 20th November 2010
Oooh, a giveaway!<br />After about fifteen minutes of careful contemplation, I think my favorite is the Turquoise Nugget Necklace!<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/turquoise-nugget-necklace-79.html <br /><br />contactmaliciousmallory@gmail.com
By Lizzie, 20th November 2010
ohhhh maaah god!! i love EVERYTHING.<br /><br />but, having to choose: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/met-120.html<br /><br />eae8080@gmail.com
By Daniela Rodrigues, 20th November 2010
http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/fir-charm-necklace-118.html<br /><br />Daniela - danielafsrodrigues@gmail.com
By PiiaHarris, 20th November 2010
I love everything,but if I need to choose..http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/onyx-cubes-and-brass-tubes-necklace-121.html.Thanks for the opportunity!
By cimba, 20th November 2010
I've posted the link to my fb page too:<br />http://WWw.facebook.com/ciaocimba
By cimba, 20th November 2010
It's so hard to choose among all your beautiful things: i like everything!<br />This is what i've came up with:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/onyx-cubes-and-brass-tubes-necklace-121.html<br /><br />Oriana<br />me@ciaocimba.com<br /><br />grazie!<br />ciao
By Megannn, 20th November 2010
Megan Baker<br />hellomeganb@gmail.com<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html
By viv, 20th November 2010
Thank you for the giveaway!<br />I love your pom pom stuff and I must choose this one: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html<br /><3 http://scr.im/viivi
By Anonymous, 20th November 2010
I'm following the Vamoose FB.<br />I have posted your giveaway to my FB.<br />this is the link<br />http://www.facebook.com/notes/irma-alliza/vamoose-giveaway/456869024540<br /><br />irma_alliza@yahoo.com
By Gabrielle, 20th November 2010
it's absolutely killing me to choose just one of your gorgeous pieces. but, the citrine drop necklace is pulling at my heart strings like a siren out of water.<br /><br />absolutely beautiful, eclectic pieces. thank you for sharing you majestic creativity<br /><br />xox
By Anonymous, 20th November 2010
Congratulation to your success!!!<br />your works are beautiful and amazing.<br />i love the tourmaline and silk cord necklace<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/tourmaline-and-silk-cord-necklace-122.html<br /><br />email: irma_alliza@yahoo.com
By Jessica Hoareau, 19th November 2010
http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/turquoise-nugget-necklace-79.html<br />would be my pick! I have been following your work for nearly a year and I had no idea you were such a new business! I bought one of your sailor knot bracelets in june and it was beautiful too!<br />jessicahoareau[at]hotmail[dot]com
By JEAN-PIERRE, 19th November 2010
oh and my email is azede@azedejean-pierre.com (just in case i win)
By JEAN-PIERRE, 19th November 2010
i want i want i want! i have been following your progress for so long and i want you to know that you inspire me as a designer. I will tweet about this giveaway because it is one of the most awesome giveaways that i have even entered. <br /><br />my blog: http://uncouturier.blogspot.com/<br />http://twitter.com/#!/Azede<br /><br />ps. Im so excited! i hope i win. my fingers are crossed
By seas, 19th November 2010
i love love love love love the citrine drop necklace. i've been dreaming about it for months now! :)<br /><br />aperiox@gmail.com
By sookhyuniee, 19th November 2010
congrats on your one year anniversary! my favorite is the metal links and pom poms in rich brown: http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-brown-107.html<br /><br />thanks for the amazing giveaway :)
By Trivia, 19th November 2010
http://twitter.com/triviabitter<br /><br />i shared it :)<br />because it's a pretty giveaway *
By Trivia, 19th November 2010
Ana Silva<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/onyx-horn-necklace-72.html<br /><br />morganafairy@hotmail.com
By Johey Chinn, 19th November 2010
amazing giveaway!<br />loving this piece: http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/two-piece-amazonite-necklace-96.html<br /><br />Johey Chinn - Josephine_Nida@hotmail.com
By Mirjana Zgela, 19th November 2010
OMG.i can't believe this is happening.I'm your promotor in crotia, we just adore you guys.Lots of love.<br />Mirjana Zgela<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html
By Rachel Anastasia, 19th November 2010
Rachel Anastasia<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/pom-pom-necklace-in-light-peach-102.html<br /><br />rachelrilkoff@gmail.com<br /><br />Congrats on your anniversary!
By allison, 19th November 2010
congrats on your anniversary! <br /><br />my name is allison and i would love love love to win the tourmaline and silk cord necklace<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/tourmaline-and-silk-cord-necklace-122.html<br /><br />my email is: ametz12@hotmail.com<br /><br />thanks!!
By Teresa, 19th November 2010
So, I have another entry.... :D<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/ball-locket-necklace-58.html<br /><br />Teresa<br /><br />kaurwakii@gmail.com
By Teresa, 19th November 2010
It was really hard to choose! :)<br /><br />Teresa <br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/ball-locket-necklace-58.html<br /><br />kaurwakii@gmail.com<br /><br />http://teresa-q.blogspot.com/2010/11/vamoose-anniversarys-giveaway.html
By bee, 19th November 2010
Great contest! I would definitely get very excited about a green pom pom necklace!<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html<br /><br />thedootdootstore AT! gmail
By Trish, 19th November 2010
Your work is so wonderful! I adore this necklace...http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html<br /><br />Trisha Thompson<br />trisha.thompson@okstate.edu
By everydaychicny@gmail.com, 19th November 2010
I love everything in your shop but I think this may be my new fave!!<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-brown-107.html<br /><br />everydaychicny@gmail.com
By Esther, 19th November 2010
Esther <br />rosescentedpaper@gmail.com<br />my favourite!: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/howlite-spikes-necklace-77.html<br />a statemental necklace that brings the additional touch to any outfit <3 so lovely. thanks you so much for the giveaway :)
By Aura, 19th November 2010
Hey Darling,<br /><br />You know how much I am in love with all of your work! I have given you another swooning complementary blog post. I love your work kathryn you are so talented :) x<br /><br />Would love anything and everything but this is my ultimate fave!! Number 3 -<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/brown-agate-slice-necklace-109.html<br /><br />link to the post - http://auracouture.blogspot.com/2010/11/vamoose-my-love.html
By *Evelyn*, 19th November 2010
Congrats :)<br />i love http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/rope-and-sphere-drop-necklace-100.html<br /><br />Evelyn<br />evelyn.palazzin @ hotmail. it
By Martusia, 19th November 2010
http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br />Love this necklace!<br /><br />martusia1983@web.de
By hayley, 19th November 2010
love your jewelery am always admiring the shop & dreaming about what to have, its a tough choice but i think this is my favorite<br />http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/howlite-spikes-necklace-77.html<br />fingers crossed<br />hayley<br />hayley_6@hotmail.com
By Holly Brannigan, 19th November 2010
oh wowzers! I would luuuurve to win, because I would go for the gorgeous metal links and turquoise necklace!<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/met-120.html<br /><br />mmmm, yes pleeease! xxxxx
By Vanessa + Jenny, 19th November 2010
Congratulations on reaching your 1st anniversary!<br /><br />Well, I pretty much love every piece of jewellery that you make (try and separate me from my pyrite necklace!), but from the current pieces that you have in your store my favourite is: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br />Vanessa - lucypearlsea@hotmail.com
By Bella, 19th November 2010
LOVE your jewellery. I already own a pom pom neckalce, which gets lots of commments.<br />Would adore this one though:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/tourmaline-and-silk-cord-necklace-122.html<br /><br />Belinda<br />belindamodra@gmail.com
By nora, 19th November 2010
this has to be one of my favorites:<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br />buyborrowsteal@yahoo.com
By ashleyb., 19th November 2010
You have a beautiful craft of making unique and timeless jewelry. I first fell in love with your sailor knot necklaces on etsy and found your blog and have been following ever since. <br />I am quite infatuated with the color of the beads on the Serpentine and metal necklace.<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/serpentine-and-metal-necklace-116.html<br />Thank you for the opportunity! Happy one year!<br />ashleylbeyer(at)gmail(dot)com
By leelee, 19th November 2010
ooo i would love agate slice necklaces around my neck :)<br /><br />lilyrentzel@yahoo.com<br />orrrr<br />lilipadd31@aol.com
By Caitlin T., 19th November 2010
i love the single pom in peach: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/single-pom-pom-necklace-89.html <br /><br />thanks for the chance!<br />saltyoat [at] gmail [dot] com
By sarah, 19th November 2010
the ball locket necklace http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/ball-locket-necklace-58.html is my favourite. so simple and perfect and timeless! x<br />sarah - sarah.g.reid@gmail.com
By tanya904, 19th November 2010
tweeted<br />http://twitter.com/starryeyed24/status/5438266954219520
By tanya904, 19th November 2010
I would choose the coral branch necklace<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/coral-branch-necklace-117.html<br /><br />tanyainjville at yahoo dot com
By Hayley Wood, 19th November 2010
Hayley W.<br />hayley.f.wood@gmail.com<br /><br />Metal links and pom poms in mint green: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html<br /><br />:)
By Natassia, 19th November 2010
I have greatly enjoyed reading your blog!!!<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html<br /><br />I've been eyeing this for ages but sadly lack the kaching to own it!!<br /><br />kitscheartache@gmail.com
By terrav, 19th November 2010
I love this one!!<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/serpentine-and-metal-necklace-116.html<br />Terra<br />terravaughn@gmail.com
By jessica, 19th November 2010
http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-brown-107.html<br /><br />jessica<br />llamabean@hotmail.com
By Kat, 19th November 2010
I super want the amythest nuggest necklace!<br /><br />katch05 at gmail dot com
By Margaret H, 18th November 2010
Congratulations Kath on The Vamoose first anniversary.<br /><br />Your jewellery is beautiful, and I wish you many more years success!<br /><br />http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/serpentine-and-metal-necklace-116.html<br /><br />mgth61@hotmail.com<br /><br />Thank you!<br /><br />Mgt :) xx
By MaeMae Paperie, 18th November 2010
oh my. totally gorgeous. I hope I win the:<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/turquoise-horn-necklace-60.html !!!!<br /><br />my email is: megan@maemaepaperie.com<br /><br />congrats on the beautiful work.<br /><br />xx
By Lauren, 18th November 2010
Lauren <br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br />lauren@allmylove.org
By Rebecca Lau, 18th November 2010
i like the pom pom necklace in rich brown<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-brown-107.html<br /><br />rebecca: rebecca_lau611@yahoo.co.uk
By Amanda, 18th November 2010
I love this citrine necklace. It's beautiful. <br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html <br /><br /><br /><br />amandashaw88@gmail.com
By Damsels, 18th November 2010
i would love that pom pom one you first pictured . its so insanely cute <br /><br />weweredamsels@gmail.com
By Kelly Marie, 18th November 2010
yayy!! i love your shop! my favorite is :<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/howlite-spikes-necklace-77.html<br /><br />email: lonergankm@gmail.com<br /><br />fingers crossed!<br /><br />Kelly
By Diana, 18th November 2010
http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br />my favorite<br /><br />DIANA<br />luce_diana@yahoo.com
By Michele, 18th November 2010
I just tweeted about the giveaway and the citrine necklace I'm hoping to win! <br /><br />http://twitter.com/michelemn<br /><br />http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html<br /><br />Michele<br />mmknguyen@gmail.com
By hatandfeathers, 18th November 2010
love the rope & sphere necklace & the glass octagon drop necklace. wonder-lovely work! <br /> <br />hatandfeathers@gmail.com
By Michele, 18th November 2010
Congratulations on your one year!<br /><br />It's hard to pick just one of your pieces, but I would love the citrine necklace to add a pop of color to my very neutral wardrobe.<br /><br />http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html<br /><br />Michele<br />mmknguyen@gmail.com
By Kate, 18th November 2010
i adore these!<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/onyx-cubes-and-brass-tubes-necklace-121.html<br /><br />katsarsul@gmail.com<br /><br />xoox congrats on one year!
By andrea despot, 18th November 2010
i also blogged about the giveaway:<br /><br />http://amdespot.blogspot.com/2010/11/lifes-ball.html
By lovelydawn, 18th November 2010
Lovelydawn<br />stephmchin@gmail.com<br /><br />Wow, so great!!! Congrats on your 1st year :)<br /><br />So many beautiful things... I'll pick this:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/howlite-spikes-necklace-71.html<br /><br />:)
By Izabella, 18th November 2010
This is so exciting! I absolutely LOVE your pieces.<br /><br />I am in love with this necklace: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/linear-glass-drop-necklace-in-black-18.html<br /><br />izabella.dennis@gmail.com<br /><br />Thanks for your generosity and congrats!!<br /><br />iz
By Ana, 18th November 2010
And here my second entry with the link to my blog:<br /><br />http://anab.eu/post/1611016707/vamoose-giveaway<br /><br />Favourite piece:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/red-coral-necklace-36.html<br /><br />Ana <br />me@anab.eu
By Loba, 18th November 2010
Thank you for the opportunity!<br />It was hard to choose but I've narrowed it down to the sesame jasper necklace<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br />Lobarouler@gmail.com
By Ana, 18th November 2010
Love your jewelry!<br /><br />My favourite is the Sea Bamboo Necklace<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/red-coral-necklace-36.html<br /><br />Ana<br />me@anab.eu
By alix dussart, 18th November 2010
Hi!<br />thank you for this giveaway!<br />My favorite one is : http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/single-pom-pom-necklace-89.html<br />In light peach color!<br />alixdussart@live.fr
By Melissa Aquino, 18th November 2010
Posted on Tumblr, Facebook (2x), and Twitter(3x)!<br />http://dutyjoke.tumblr.com/<br />http://twitter.com/melissamaquino<br />http://facebook.com/aquino.melissa<br /><br />my email is aquino.melissa@gmail.com
By Anonymous, 18th November 2010
Ciao,<br />this is my fave:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br />Simple and so elegant.<br /><br />Amelisa<br /><br />amelisasg@gmail.com
By MeMe, 18th November 2010
Thank you so much for this giveaway, so nice of you! I love your blog and your work, it is so difficult to choose one favourite piece, but i would go with:<br /><br />http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br />memeinprague [at] googlemail [dot] com<br />MeMe xxx
By jenny, 18th November 2010
Congrats! (-:<br />and what a nice contest!<br />this is my fave since I first saw it...<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/red-coral-necklace-36.html<br /><br />jewe20@hotmail.com
By Jess, 18th November 2010
Wow - how does one choose? <br />this is one of many favorites:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br />Congratulations and thanks for the great giveaway!
By joolee, 18th November 2010
oh my...i think i'd choose either the ball locket necklace or a green agate slice necklace...ALL the goodies in your shop are FABulous!
By Petite Poupee, 18th November 2010
I love your job!! Congratulations!!<br />My fave:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-brown-107.html<br />"Un abrazo" Maria<br />petitepoupee@hotmail.es
By chense, 18th November 2010
I've always adored your work and am so excited about this giveaway -- thank you, thank you!<br /><br />My chosen item: Coral Branch Necklace<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/coral-branch-necklace-117.html<br /><br />- chense, chenselabel@gmail.com
By Oriana, 18th November 2010
The soft elegance of your work inspires me! I really like the simplicity of the coral branch necklace: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/coral-branch-necklace-117.html.<br /><br />Post: http://artfulog.tumblr.com/post/1610138844/vamoose<br /><br />Oriana at oreoreoeoo@gmail.com
By Jenna, 18th November 2010
WHOA, this is amazing, amazing, amazing. How to choose? i've got to go with the sesame jasper necklace: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html
By Eleni, 18th November 2010
These are really something!<br />I love the amethyst nugget necklace!<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/amethyst-nugget-necklace-113.html
By Lola, 18th November 2010
Congrats and happy holidays!<br /><br />Anything from your pom poms collection would be lovely to cherish. Thanks for this opportunity. :)
By Denise, 18th November 2010
Happy Birthday Vamoose!<br /><br />I recently lost an onyx ring from generations and cried for days =(. Onyx is my rock choice.<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/onyx-cubes-and-brass-tubes-necklace-121.html<br /><br />deniiise@gmail.com
By Saoirse, 18th November 2010
Happy 1 year anniversary!!<br /> I love the pom pom necklace in peach!<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/pom-pom-necklace-in-light-peach-102.html<br /><br />I also posted a link of your giveaway on my blog.<br /><br />Saoirse<br /><br />myjeraffi@gmail.com
By mizzyN, 18th November 2010
hi, thanks for this give away. you're items are realy pretty.<br /><br />if i am chosen I would like one of this<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/brown-agate-slice-necklace-109.html<br /><br />name: nadhrah<br />email: ezrara@yahoo.com
By ms, 18th November 2010
happy 1 year! <br />i've had my eye on your pieces for a while now, but can't stop thinking about the metal links necklace. <br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-necklace-27.html<br /><br />melissa.shilling at gmail .com
By fra, 18th November 2010
hi there!<br />that's my fave:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/pom-pom-necklace-in-light-peach-102.html<br /><br />fra- francesca.errani@gmail.com
By Ashley, 18th November 2010
You're jewellery is so unique and refreshing! I would love to own a piece! http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/tourmaline-and-silk-cord-necklace-122.html<br /><br />ashleyy_choi@hotmail.com
By dianne, 18th November 2010
http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/two-piece-amazonite-necklace-67.html <br /><br />WANT!!!!<br /><br />dianneohdeer (at )gmail.com<br />xxx
By genaxx/, 18th November 2010
Thanks for the opportunity :)<br />Eugenia - emzappia@mail.com<br /><br />Metal Links and turquoise necklace http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/met-120.html<br /><br />Advertised here: http://twitter.com/#!/emzappia<br />Advertised here: http://stolenmyname.blogspot.com/2010/11/vamoose-your-kaboose.html
By samanthajoy, 18th November 2010
My name is Sam, I absoloutley adore this one: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html :)<br />wait.in.the.fire_@hotmail.com
By curious constellation, 18th November 2010
Oh that turquoise nugget necklace is perfect! <br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/turquoise-nugget-necklace-79.html<br /><br />lauren_ellwood[at]hotmail[dot]com<br /><br />Lauren x
By Jasmin, 18th November 2010
I would love to win the Metal Links Necklace!<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-necklace-27.html
By cilla, 18th November 2010
Awesome giveaway! Congrats on the one year :D<br /><br />I'm so in love with the http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html , so beautiful.<br /><br />Cilla;<br />cilla.zhou@hotmail.com<br /><br />and a twitter link :)<br />http://twitter.com/#!/rustedd/status/5199864505827329
By Jess Loves Fred, 18th November 2010
http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/onyx-horn-necklace-72.html<br /><br />fartssica@gmail.com
By Elisabeth S. Alnes, 18th November 2010
I simply adore this one!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html<br /><br />elisabeth.s.alnes@gmail.com
By Sunny Bunny, 18th November 2010
Hey, congrats for the first year anniversary!<br /><br />I love your pom-pom pieces, they are as delicate as snowflakes.<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html<br /><br />hello.saravisconti@gmail.com
By Jenni Austria Germany, 18th November 2010
Vintage Oval Locket is my fav!<br /><br />Jennifer<br /><br />jennifer.lawmaster@okstate.edu
By Crafty Nell, 18th November 2010
Picking just one was so difficult, but I finally settled on this - http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/met-120.html<br /><br />Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary, I don't doubt you'll have many more successful years!<br /><br />Penny x<br />penny_amey@hotmail.com
By heleen, 18th November 2010
It's interesting to see what you're own favourites are! I'm actually a bit torn between the amethyst nugget necklace and the onyx horn necklace. I think I'd go with the onyx one, because I'm just smitten with its shape... Beautiful!<br /><br />heleen<br />heleen.deboever[at]hotmail.com
By Åshild - prydeligbloggen, 18th November 2010
I want to enter! :) My favourite is: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/linear-glass-drop-necklace-in-black-18.html<br /><br />ashildrm@gmail.com
By Lovisa, 18th November 2010
Yay! Love your jewelery!<br />My favorite is the coral branch necklace <br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/coral-branch-necklace-117.html<br /><br />and I've also tweeted about it here: http://twitter.com/laurelnquist/statuses/5174584118611968<br /><br />l.lagerquist [at] hotmail.com
By af528, 18th November 2010
Congratulations<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/amethyst-nugget-necklace-113.html<br /><br />Atiya - af528@live.mdx.ac.uk
By Jenny | Aubrey Road, 18th November 2010
second comment with blog post link, even though i would have blogged about it anyway!<br /><br />http://aubreyroad.blogspot.com/2010/11/rock-solid.html<br /><br />jenny<br />aubreyrd@gmail.com<br />tourmaline necklace
By Kalaurie Karl-Crooks, 18th November 2010
This awesome,<br />This is what i pick http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/brown-agate-slice-necklace-109.html<br />Kalaurie- littleskoutcreations@hotmail.com<br /><br />:)
By Ct, 18th November 2010
Great Giveaway!<br />It was so hard to choose a favorite but I chose this one!<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/onyx-horn-necklace-72.html<br /><br />vninatina@aol.com
By 0101010101, 18th November 2010
http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br />this is the one that i kept thinking about for days<br /><br />dana at danaakashi@gmail.com<br /><br />and i wrote about your giveaway here:<br />http://011101010.blogspot.com/2010/11/httpthevamoosecom.html<br /><br />best of luck to everyone!
By Zohar, 18th November 2010
There are so many wonderful things to choose from but I think I like the metal links necklace best right now: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-necklace-27.html<br /><br />Zohar - zoharavron@gmail.com
By Alyssa, 18th November 2010
Gosh i love your things... magical - all of them! <br /><br />I love love this the most: <br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/pyrite-nuggett-necklace-75.html<br /><br />my email is alyssatasker @ gmail .com<br /><br />fingers and toes crossed!! xx
By feathers of gold, 18th November 2010
Yay! I love http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/linear-glass-drop-necklace-in-black-18.html<br /><br />feathersofgold(at)gmail(dot)com
By Eve, 18th November 2010
Wow what a great giveaway! I love the soft green pom pom necklace!<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html<br /><br />I linked to the giveaway here:<br />http://fadedfreckles.blogspot.com/2010/11/strands-of-color.html<br /><br />Eve<br /><br />108freckles@gmail.com
By Lou, 18th November 2010
Wow what a competition! And so much competition... <br /><br />It's hard to pick only one but if I was lucky enough I would wear this big piece of turquoise with pride http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/met-120.html<br /><br />I posted about you a while ago but will do it again right now on www.growfonder.blogspot.com, and just for bonus points http://twitter.com/lou_louise<br /><br />Congratulations on a great year,<br />Lou<br />growfonder@gmail.com
By Jaeger, 18th November 2010
http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html<br /><br />one day i want to take photos like you, rich colours and simplicity are beautiful.<br /><br />hope i win! haha<br /><br />youngandimpressionable@hotmail.com
By Emily Greene, 18th November 2010
I just love all of your jewelry! <br /><br /> I have been wanting this <br />(http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-necklace-27.html) for so long!<br /><br />emmymgreene@aol.com
By Emma Ann Robertson, 18th November 2010
Congrats' Vamoose!** I have been crushing on the Sesame Jasper Necklace - so dreamy!<br /><br />Lovin' it: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br />Emma Robertson<br />emma.ann.robertson@gmail.com<br /><br />I blogged about you and your giveaway - check it: http://emmadimes.blogspot.com/2010/11/giveaway.html
By bianca, 18th November 2010
Hello, I have been following your blog for a while now and I feel a little embarassed that this is my first comment! I really love your work and would like to congratulate you on your first year. Thankyou for inspiring me to work harder! :)<br /><br />I would love to wear:<br />http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html <br />with a 24" inch chain.<br /><br />biancasnow@gmail.com
By Sentimental J, 18th November 2010
Beautiful work! And, I'm never lucky with draws and giveaway. However, if chance is on my side, I will go for blue agate slice.
By Alice, 18th November 2010
wow! what an awesome giveaway. <br /><br />This is gorgeous... <br />http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html<br /><br />email: jelibean_13@hotmail.com
By ariana, 18th November 2010
oh my, you have come a long away in a year...<br />my fave is...<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-brown-107.html<br /><br />lovely pretty little things, my dear.<br /><br />xx<br />a_vanderbeels@yahoo.com.au
By Aimee, 18th November 2010
Oooh how exciting!<br /><br />I would love one of these:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/two-piece-amazonite-necklace-96.html<br /><br />I posted about The Vamoose on FB and tagged the group :)<br />www.facebook.com/aimeentnguyen<br /><br />Cheers!<br />Aimee<br /><br />aimeentnguyen@gmail.com
By Anonymous, 18th November 2010
i want this: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br />THANKS,<br />DON<br />do1836[at]hotmail.com
By Anonymous, 18th November 2010
impeccable!<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/brown-agate-slice-necklace-109.html<br />jackie<br />jackdontsurf@hotmail.com
By shell., 18th November 2010
posted about the competition here :)<br /><br />http://dirtyfangs.blogspot.com/<br /><br />my favourite pieces from your collection are:<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/red-coral-necklace-36.html<br /><br />annd<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/onyx-horn-necklace-72.html<br /><br />annd<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html<br /><br />all the pieces are so neat!<br /><br />smelly_socks55@hotmail.com
By joanna, 18th November 2010
Congrats on one year! <br /><br />I absolutely ADORE so many of your beautiful pieces but my favorite has to be the "Metal Links and Pom Poms in Rich Brown"--http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-brown-107.html<br /><br />-Joanna<br />jhsherman31[at]gmail[dot]com
By Natalie, 18th November 2010
hey there! really love your collection. this giveaway is amazing! thanks :)<br /><br />I love this one:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/two-piece-amazonite-necklace-67.html<br /><br />pour.femme.alie@hotmail.com<br /><br />Posted this on my blog!<br />http://etherealskies.blogspot.com/2010/11/vamoose-has-giveaway-httpthevamoose.html<br /><br />Thank you!
By Shell., 18th November 2010
theres so many neat pieces to choose from, i love love love this one:<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/onyx-horn-necklace-72.html<br /><br />annd<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/red-coral-necklace-36.html<br /><br />they're all brilliant!<br /><br />smelly_socsk55@hotmail.com<br /><br />i'll be sure to post about this competition on my blog :)<br /><br />www.dirtyfangs.blogspot.com
By Camille, 18th November 2010
Thank you for offering this great giveaway! The choice is difficult, but before I change my mind, my favourite of the minute is http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br />Camille, unpretentiousbouquetofparentheses(at)hotmail.com<br /><br />P.S. I don't really know how this works, but I've passed on to you the 'I love your blog' award; I just thought I'd share my appreciation of your work! xo
By hannah and landon, 18th November 2010
Many, many congrats on your success! <br /><br />I feel not unlike a kid in a candy shop going through your shop in search for a favourite piece! I echo others when I say it was hard to pick just one! I think this is the one though http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html! <br /><br />You are so incredibly talented, lady :).<br /><br /><3hannah<br />(me (at) hannahkristinametz (dot) com)
By Anonymous, 18th November 2010
It's really hard to choose actually, but one caught my eye!<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html<br /><br />Lily - mintshoelaces@hotmail.com
By dreamonrainydays, 18th November 2010
Congratulations on The Vamoose's one-year anniversary! Besides the knotted rope bracelet I already own, my favourite creation of yours (and my pick for the contest) is your signature pom poms necklace in light peach! <br /><br />mishalc@hotmail.com.
By Mallory, 18th November 2010
hurrah! <br /><br />my favorite - http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-necklace-27.html<br /><br />mallory(at)wherethelovelythingsare.com
By Kristen, 18th November 2010
your stuff is gorgeous! i had such a hard time choosing just one, but this is my choice:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/tourmaline-and-silk-cord-necklace-122.html<br /><br />kristen.limtung@gmail.com
By flyingccarpet, 18th November 2010
yay! so excited about this giveaway!<br /><br />cheri - cherihk@gmail.com<br />http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/onyx-cubes-and-brass-tubes-necklace-121.html
By sunshine by sara, 18th November 2010
I love the agate slice necklace: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/brown-agate-slice-necklace-109.html<br /><br />sunshinebysara (at) gmail (dot) com
By Julie, 18th November 2010
If I can't have one of each, I'd love this one:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/serpentine-and-metal-necklace-116.html<br /><br />I've had my eye on it since you put a pic on your Tumblr.<br /><br />juliamdejesus@gmail.com
By meeyeehere, 18th November 2010
http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/turquoise-teardrop-necklace-74.html<br />I love everything but this caught my eye!Is this open to all countries??<br />I am in the USA<br />jacksoncrisman@yahoo.com
By Kate Bickmore, 18th November 2010
Ah I want everything!! I think I may have to buy myself a pre-christmas gift...<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/pyrite-nuggett-necklace-75.html<br /><br />katherineb@nycap.rr.com
By m.fay, 18th November 2010
oh...love them all! <br /><br />i dream of wearing the pom pom necklace in soft green...it would be amazing with this vintage dress i just bought!<br /><br />m.fay<br />amateurcouture@gmail.com
By K, 18th November 2010
I love the agate slice necklaces.
By Caroline, 17th November 2010
Yay, thanks for the giveaway!!<br /><br />My favorite is this one:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br />Caroline- carolinejeong@hotmail.com<br /><br />Thanks! :)
By amy w - over and under, 17th November 2010
happy birthday!<br />and thanks for the wonderful giveaway - so hard to choose, but my heart is set on the citrine drop necklace <3
By Katharina, 17th November 2010
I LOVE the sesame jasper necklace http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br />thank you for this! i love your jewellery and still hope for the nice necklaces you showed us on flickr to arrive soon...<br /><br />mail: kate[at]alphafrau[dot]de
By Lars, 17th November 2010
ww your word is just stunning! <br /><br />Laura Morgan, youandmesydney@live.com<br /><br />I'm interested in : http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/tourmaline-and-silk-cord-necklace-122.html
By jennifer ▲ i art u, 17th November 2010
such a fun giveaway!! i am swooning over this: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/green-agate-slice-necklace-108.html<br /><br />thanks for a chance to win!!<br />j.
By briannelee, 17th November 2010
So fun!<br /><br />I would choose the pyrite cluster necklace:<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/pyrite-cluster-necklace-119.html<br /><br />Brianne at brianneoneil@gmail.com
By Shannon of ** Happiness Is...**, 17th November 2010
You are so generous!! I've been coveting your creations for awhile now. <br /><br />My pick would have to be between this pom: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/pom-pom-necklace-in-light-peach-102.html<br /><br />Or this pom: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/single-pom-pom-necklace-89.html<br /><br />THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY! :) xo
By searchingforgold, 17th November 2010
Congrtulations!<br />It's hard to choose, all your products are beautiful.<br />But I'm going for this one:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html<br /><br />Aslaug: aslaugiriskatrin@gmail.com
By sammi burley (chase.dakota), 17th November 2010
amazing<br /><br />http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html<br /><br />info@chasedakota.com.au
By Micaela, 17th November 2010
happy happy anniversary!!! here's to fabulousness!!!<br /><br />it's hard to chose just one.... but i love this:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/pyrite-cluster-necklace-119.html<br /><br />they call it fool's gold yes? and because i've been known to play the fool... it will have a cute meaning for me ;)<br /><br />micaela.lechuga@gmail.com<br /><br />cheers & thanks!<br /><br />x
By K.O., 17th November 2010
I love the subtle details in your work. I especially love the agate pieces. Vary exciting.<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/blue-agate-slice-necklace-110.html<br /><br />kiorton@hotmail.com
By Jenny | Aubrey Road, 17th November 2010
congrats!<br /><br />i love the tourmaline necklace:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/tourmaline-and-silk-cord-necklace-122.html<br /><br />thanks,<br />jenny<br />aubreyrd@gmail.com
By Amanda H, 17th November 2010
Beautiful collection<br /><br />This is hands-down my favorite:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/onyx-horn-necklace-72.html<br /><br />anhagema@ncsu.edu
By Tayler, 17th November 2010
what a great giveaway, happy blog birthday!! <br /><br />I'd love to own one of these babies! http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/turquoise-nugget-necklace-79.html<br /><br />http://bighairandbikinis.blogspot.ocm<br />taylerworrell@comcast.net
By Linds, 17th November 2010
I love love love everything you make! You are so incredibly talented, but these turquoise necklaces immediately caught my eye (I've always had a thing for turquoise!): http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/turquoise-nugget-necklace-79.html.<br /><br />Thanks so much for offering this!<br />- Lindsay (lathumphrey@gmail.com)
By Lindsey Elisabeth, 17th November 2010
Congratulations! I wear a Vamoose piece at least once a week! <br /><br />Its SO hard to choose but I would love to add your Sesame Jasper Necklace to my collection. GORGEOUS.<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br />sendlindseymail (at!) gmail.com
By Beautifully Disarming, 17th November 2010
You are so generous to do this giveaway! I am so stuck for which to choose so i've gone for this one:<br />http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/howlite-spikes-necklace-71.html<br />My name is Gemma and my e-mail is lil.gemstone@hotmail.com :)<br />And even if I don't win, I'm certainly intending to get some jewellery from your shop with my christmas money!
By Miss Bladder, 17th November 2010
What a lovely comp! Duly re-tweeted. I think my favourite is<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html<br /><br />Kisses, Siobhán (crawford.siobhan@gmail.com)
By Kelly, 17th November 2010
wow, its so hard to chose, i love them all! I think this is my fave though...<br />http://www.thevamoose.com/gallery/images/Cream-and-Gold-by-The-Vamoose.jpg<br /><br />kellyhrussell@gmail.com
By anabela / fieldguided, 17th November 2010
Thank you, and congratulations!<br /><br />I've always loved your pompom necklaces: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/pom-pom-necklace-in-light-peach-102.html<br /><br />fieldguided at gmail dot com
By Caryn, 17th November 2010
love your stuff. love your stuff for free! i'm in love with the little gold locket:<br />http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/tiny-locket-necklace-88.html<br /><br />i also posted the giveaway on my fb page: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=585542258<br /><br />i wish you continued success! great stuff.
By Em, 17th November 2010
Thank you for a lovely give away-and congrats. http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/two-piece-amazonite-necklace-96.html would be my choice. nfsvintage (at) (g) mail dot {com}
By Ria, 17th November 2010
congrats!<br />this is my fave: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/turquoise-teardrop-necklace-74.html<br /><br />my name is ria and my email freeeedz at yahoo dot com<br /><br />thanks :)
By Kate, 17th November 2010
congrats on the year! i bought a beautiful turquoise nugget necklace from your shop and the quality of your work and materials is fantastic. <br /><br />i love this: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/howlite-spikes-necklace-77.html<br /><br />Kate - katefraser@ymail.com
By melody, 17th November 2010
Hi there,<br />Congratulations for all that has been. If I were to win, I think I would like this one: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html , it's lovely.<br />Thankyou very much,<br />Melody<br />bhmelody@gmail.com
By em, 17th November 2010
emily: emily.siegenthaler@gmail.com<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/double-chain-magnesite-necklace-90.html<br /><br />sweet giveaway :) thanks!
By Anonymous, 17th November 2010
I usually avoid entering this sort of contests, precisely because I never ever win. But this time, the great http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html, made me change my mind. <br /><br />My name is Gheorghe Mihaela and my email adress is zero.purpoe@yahoo.com.
By Wellies and Vogue, 17th November 2010
your shop looks amazing.. love the layout and design.. bootiful! also in love with all your products! how to choose..<br /><br />my favorite is the grey pom pom.. http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/single-pom-pom-necklace-89.html<br /><br />welliesandvogue@googlemail.com
By Plinth, 17th November 2010
forgot to leave my name-stoopid! Katie Antoniou, katieantoniou@yahoo.co.uk and I'd this is on my wishlist http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/pyrite-cluster-necklace-119.html
By A Girl, A Style, 17th November 2010
Oh Katherine, congratulations on your bloggy/shop birthday! You blog is one of my favourites, and I hope there will be many more to come. Wishing you all the very best for the future.<br /><br />I still LOVE your pompom pieces the best (that I wrote about here: http://agirlastyle.com/2010/05/29/the-vamoose/) and would be thrilled to win any one of them. <br /><br />Have also retweeted about the giveaway.<br /><br />Briony xx<br /><br />http://agirlastyle.com
By Plinth, 17th November 2010
oh this would be amazing!am in love with http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/pyrite-cluster-necklace-119.html<br />*crosses fingers*
By Anonymous, 17th November 2010
Gorgeous pieces! I love this one!<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/tiny-locket-necklace-88.html<br /><br />Danielle<br />djlucas14@gmail.com
By Anonymous, 17th November 2010
I love ALL of your stuff! <br />Especially the Tourmaline and Silk Cord Necklace!<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/tourmaline-and-silk-cord-necklace-122.html<br /><br />Sanaz<br />afshar.sanaz@gmail.com<br /><br />Thank you!
By Little Gray Pixel, 17th November 2010
As you know, I love everything in your store and would buy it all if only I had the money!<br /><br />Right now I'm lusting after a 31" Amethyst Nugget Necklace (it's my birthstone!).<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/amethyst-nugget-necklace-113.html<br /><br />And congrats on your anniversary!<br /><br />Love,<br />Vanessa<br />littlegraypixel (at) yahoo . com
By Carolyn, 17th November 2010
Congrats on your anniversary! This is my favorite piece http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/turquoise-nugget-necklace-79.html <br /><br />Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/solisjewelry/status/4999886386765825<br /><br />Carolyn - solisjewelry@hotmail.com
By Jenny, 17th November 2010
i love your jewelry! i'd love to have the sesame jasper necklace: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br />onl1j0yful@hotmail.com
By Amanda, 17th November 2010
I'd love to win one of those Citrine Dop necklaces (http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html)—that amber is so beautiful (and who could use extra luck?)<br /><br />I love what you do. Thanks a lot!<br /><br />Amanda<br />theartofbeingclear@hotmail.com
By Tex & Ludelle, 17th November 2010
This beautiful item:<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html<br /><br />Citrine does always bring me luck, especially in work-related situations.<br /><br />texandludelle [at] gmail [dot] com
By JewelryWhore, 17th November 2010
And facebooked! :)<br /><br />http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/JewelryWhore/352526339551
By Bromeliad, 17th November 2010
Love the triple pom poms. Love anything.
By JewelryWhore, 17th November 2010
I tweeted!<br /><br />http://twitter.com/#!/jewelrywhore
By JewelryWhore, 17th November 2010
My personal favorite in your lovely shop right now is the Vintage Glass Drop Necklace in turquoise, 27" (http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/vintage-glass-teardrop-necklace-20.html) Such a sweet little necklace that would add just the right amount of color to any outfit! :)
By la reina cotilla, 17th November 2010
I published in my blog:<br />www.caprichosdeana.blogspot.com
By Katarina, 17th November 2010
The citrin-27"-necklace is my favorite. I blogged about it here:<br /><br />http://katarinasellsseashells.blogspot.com/2010/11/vamoose-gieveaway.html<br /><br />shesellsseashells@gmx.de
By la reina cotilla, 17th November 2010
thanks to this awesome giveaway.<br />My favourite piece is Citrine Drop Necklace or sesame jasper and metal necklace, I love it all.<br /><br />caprichosdeana@yahoo.es
By Katarina, 17th November 2010
Gosh, I do LOVE all your jewelry, it was so difficult to choose only one item. I think I like the citrin drop necklace (27") most, too, as it seems to be a very popular item.<br />Thanks for teh great giveaway.<br /><br />shesellsseashells@gmx.de
By Bantik, 17th November 2010
Definately this one http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/rope-and-sphere-drop-necklace-100.html !!!:>
By corrie, 17th November 2010
Can't believe it's been a year. I ordered one of your pom pom necklaces (the big one!) last winter and still love it to pieces.<br /><br />Fawning over the tourmaline and silk cord necklace currently http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/tourmaline-and-silk-cord-necklace-122.html<br /><br />Going to have to order the citrine drop sooner than later as well. <br /><br />xo<br /><br /><br />corrieladylunacy at gmail.com
By lady elle, 17th November 2010
I have to say <a href="http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/tourmaline-and-silk-cord-necklace-122.html" rel="nofollow">the tourmaline</a>. just so lovely, thanks for the opprtunity! xo<br /><br />ldawson212@gmail.com
By Noa, 17th November 2010
congratulations! my favorite is the citrine drop necklace<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html<br />thanks a lot<br /><br />mary.anne512@gmail.com
By Brooke, 17th November 2010
Wow! I'm super stoked about your giveaway!!! Your jewelry is unique and stunning....L-O-V-E it!<br /><br />Here's the link for my favorite piece...have tons of cuteness this would pair well with!http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html <br /><br />Hope I win and if I do, contact me at: brookeolivia82@yahoo.com
By lydia, 17th November 2010
I love everything you make!!<br /><br />This is one of my fav's<br />Pom pom necklace in rich brown<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-brown-107.html<br /><br /><br />I just posted about the giveaway on my facebook page - <br />http://www.facebook.com/lydia.bradbury<br />(although I don't know if you can see my page)
By Michelle Elaine, 17th November 2010
I have no idea what to even say is my favorite! I love them all, but currently this one is tugging on my heart strings a little more then the others:<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/amethyst-nugget-necklace-113.html<br /><br />KeepItFvncy,<br />M.E.<br /><br />Fvncy.com<br />Fvncy@yahoo.com<br /><br />P.S. - Posted the giveaway on our FB! http://www.facebook.com/fvncy
By Rikke, 17th November 2010
I find it difficult to choose only one thing amongst all the other amazing jewelry you're selling. But I have to go with the http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/turquoise-nugget-necklace-79.html<br /><br />rikke1989@gmail.com
By Pınar, 17th November 2010
happy 1st!<br /><br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html this one with a 20'' chain looks great! :)<br /><br />Pınar- missievercetti@gmail.com
By miss milki, 17th November 2010
Happy Anniversary! Can't believe its been a year! I've been following your work for ages on flickr, etsy & tumblr. I love all your designs so it was really hard to choose a favourite.<br /><br />My absolute favourite is http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-light-peach-106.html the peach pom pom necklace but unfortunately its sold out...not surprisingly!<br /><br />So my next favourite would be the citrine drop necklace. http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html I think it would go with everything & the colour of the stones looks so beautiful and deep. <br /><br />Congratulations again & I wish you every success for the next year.<br /><br />(e-mail in profile)
By Angela, 17th November 2010
YAY! I love this one: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br />angela.su(at)gmail(dot)com
By Alexandria, 17th November 2010
Congratulations! I love love love this necklace: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/howlite-spikes-necklace-77.html<br /><br />alexandriavickery@gmail.com
By Aimi, 17th November 2010
This is my second comment - I just tweeted about the comp! http://twitter.com/#!/aimi82<br /><br />http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/two-piece-amazonite-necklace-96.html<br /><br />aimijacques@gmail.com
By May, 17th November 2010
oh! amazing! Honestly, if I can get a hold of anything from your shop I'd be smiling everyday!<br /><br />to pick one favourite, I think it has to be the pom poms! http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html<br /><br />Thank you!<br /><br />May -- maywu23[at]gmail[dot]com
By Aimi, 17th November 2010
Congratulations! So difficult to choose but I think I like this one the best<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/two-piece-amazonite-necklace-96.html<br /><br />aimijacques@gmail.com
By Sara, 17th November 2010
Congrats on your anniversary! Impossible to choose, but http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html has to be my favourite!<br /><br />Sara - lokhin@gmail.com
By Gerlin, 17th November 2010
Been in love with your jewellery for only a month, didn't realise you'd been going so long.<br /><br />This is my fave piece: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html<br /><br />I'd LOVE it if I got that. We'll have to wait and see and I'll be crossing my fingers :-)<br /><br />gerlin.heestermans@gmail.com
By Melissa Aquino, 17th November 2010
This is my second comment :D -- <br /><br />Posted on Facebook, in addition to Twitter!<br /><br />http://www.facebook.com/aquino.melissa/posts/133147660072947<br /><br />(My email address is aquino.melissa@gmail.com)
By szalvetta, 17th November 2010
i've been following your blog for about six months and you always amaze me with your beautiful things..<br /><br />i would choose the sesame jasper necklace, if i may.<br /><br />leila at hibajavito@gmail.com
By kathryn, 17th November 2010
everything is so amazing, my favorite is the pom pom necklace in soft green.<br /><br />vampiremeadow@gmail.com
By Gennie, 17th November 2010
Yay! Congrats! <br />link to my tweet:<br />http://twitter.com/#!/gcatastrophe/status/4977974168256512<br /><br />And the necklace I'd like:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/howlite-spikes-necklace-77.html<br /><br /><br />my email:<br />gennie [at] genniecatastrophe [dot] com
By Andrea, 17th November 2010
Wow, you sure have had an eventful year! Congrats on the milestone--I'm very excited to see what else you've got up your pretty sleeve!<br /> <br />I already own one of your sailor knot necklaces and would love to add a pom pom to my collection: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-brown-107.html.<br /><br />earthtoandrea@gmail.com
By Studio 13, 17th November 2010
Just blogged, and facebooked!<br /><br />http://studio13inc.blogspot.com/2010/11/for-love-of-vamoose.html<br /><br /><br />...and forgot to leave my email above ;)<br /><br />blair@studiothirteeninc.com
By Andrea, 17th November 2010
I recently found this blog and it is LOVELY! Although I'm a broke college student, I am dying to buy one of your necklaces! You're an inspiration. Thanks for the giveaway! <3<br /><br />I adore http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/rope-and-sphere-drop-necklace-100.html<br /><br />Andrea.Trieu@hotmail.com
By BlueEpocha, 17th November 2010
Congrats Kathryn!! Your work is truly love at first sight! <br /><br />I already own one of your amazing pieces!<br /><br />But I would love to add this little piece...<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/red-coral-necklace-36.html<br /><br />Leyla leylajt@gmail.com :o) and thank you!
By Leslie, 17th November 2010
I love all of your items so it is so hard to choose! But I think I would pick the new Onyx & Brass Necklace. I love the shapes of the Onyx with the combination of gold.
By Studio 13, 17th November 2010
It's too hard to choose! I love the torquoise necklaces though.<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/turquoise-nugget-necklace-79.html
By Enia Is (Almost) Here, 17th November 2010
thank you, and congrats!<br /><br />this one here is my fave:<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/howlite-spikes-necklace-71.html<br /><br />maja- eniaisalmosthere@gmail.com
By Melissa, 17th November 2010
LET'S be real - I'll take anything...it's all so amazing! But if I had to choose, I'd go for the glass ocatagon drop necklace (can be worn with anything to dress up an entire outfit!)<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/linear-glass-drop-necklace-in-black-18.html<br /><br />OR<br /><br />howlite spikes necklace:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/howlite-spikes-necklace-71.html<br /><br />Totally unique - no one else has anything like that!<br /><br />I just retweeted (http://twitter.com/melissamaquino) and will be re-posting frequently there, on Facebook, and on my blog. I will keep you updated ;)<br /><br />aquino.melissa@gmail.com
By Joanna, 17th November 2010
ah I forgot to give my email! It's Joanna Clay at gimmethatfashion@gmail.com :)
By getpalmd, 17th November 2010
This is insane! I've always loved your pom poms and one is on my wishlist, so have to choose one of those. Color is harder to choose, but there's something I love about that rich brown, so lets go with that :)<br /><br />Sara<br />sara@getpalmd.com<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-brown-107.html
By Joanna, 17th November 2010
I la la la loveeeeeee your jewelry. Fabulous! I love the simplicity and the stones. They are perfect investment pieces because they're quirky yet timeless.<br /><br />It's so hard to pick ONE piece. I literally scoured your website for half an hour. <br /><br />I'd have to say one of my favorites is the turquoise nugget necklace. The pyrite nugget follows in a close second.
By Isadora Filković, 17th November 2010
Congrats on the anniversary and on the huge success of your amazing work! <br /><br />So much beauty all over... it's hard to pick only one of your creations! But if I were ever lucky enough to win, I'd choose the metal links and amazonite necklace. It's so gorgeous!<br /><br />May the coming year bring you even more happiness and prosperity ;)<br /><br />♥<br />izzadorah@hotmail.com<br /><a href="http://fantastiquememoiresfromtheouterspace.blogspot.com/" rel="nofollow">Fantastique Mémoires from the Outer Space</a>
By Michele, 17th November 2010
wow that sounds awesome. just the treat I need while working on my diploma thesis...<br />my favourite:<br /><br />http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/red-coral-necklace-36.html<br /><br />mrossetti16@gmail.com
By Cristina A., 17th November 2010
Congrats! I admire your work so much, It´s amazing!<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br />Post in my blog:<br /><br />http://cristinaallende.blogspot.com/2010/11/vamoose-giveaway.html<br /><br /><br />info@marakuya.es
By angela, 17th November 2010
happy birthday vamoose jewels! congrats :). i love the turquoise nugget!!<br /><br />angela<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/turquoise-nugget-necklace-79.html<br />oldloveinnewcities@gmail.com
By kablooie38, 17th November 2010
happy 1st! i want everything in the shop! :D<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/howlite-spikes-necklace-77.html<br />jenn - jennifer.han38@gmail.com
By Lisa, 17th November 2010
love all your stuff, but this necklace is my favorite:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/howlite-spikes-necklace-71.html<br /><br />-Lisa<br />lisamhampton@gmail.com
By kittenhood, 17th November 2010
Hi, I'm so glad you have a giveaway :) is it open to international readers as well? my faves are your pom pom necklaces, like this one: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html<br /><br />you can find me at dar.142173 at yahoo.com<br /><br />daria
By luana, 17th November 2010
hi! this is my fave: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/coral-branch-necklace-117.html i love it so much!<br /><br />my name is luana (cridesdemon @gmail.com)
By Lisa Mane, 17th November 2010
Everything in your shop is so gorgeous but I would love to have the sesame jasper necklace http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/sesame-jasper-necklace-115.html<br /><br />Congratulations on all of your success!<br /><br />lisamanehandmade@gmail.com
By mary mack, 17th November 2010
i looove this giveaway. <br /><br />here is MY pick:<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/citrine-drop-necklace-80.html<br /><br />Citrine Drop Necklace with 24" chain<br /><br />Here's to many more years as a phenomenal business! <br /><br />marymackattack@yahoo.com
By The Woolly Mammoth, 17th November 2010
Congratulations, you have done amazingly well in only a year, and you deserve it!<br /><br />My favourite item is this: http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/howlite-spikes-necklace-77.html<br /><br />dummyentree@hotmail.com
By stephanie s., 17th November 2010
Congrats, love your shop and blog. <br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/pom-pom-necklace-in-light-peach-102.html<br /><br />is definitely my favorite item in the store.
By Lies, 17th November 2010
I have to join! http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html<br /><br />Lies, liesverboven@hotmail.com<br /><br />Will be twittering about this!
By lazysundae, 17th November 2010
Nice! I've been wanting one of your pieces but can never decide which one.<br /><br />I posted on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/lazysundae/status/4958424999665664<br /><br />And the item I love is: http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/red-coral-necklace-36.html<br /><br />I love coral and it's a great statement piece, especially with a LBD!<br /><br />Love, lazysundae[at]gmail[dot]com
By SummerTeeth, 17th November 2010
love all your pieces to the skies and back again, plus your blog.<br />i think the howlite spikes necklace in white and gold is stunning. would love it in my life!<br /><br />dana<br />heylove010@gmail.com<br />egotrippingatthegates.blogspot.com<br /><br />link -<br />http://egotrippingatthegates.blogspot.com/2010/11/or-be-loved-that-way-again.html
By Aromy, 17th November 2010
I've been a long time fan! And love love my sailor knotted bracelet. <br /><br />This holiday season I would love to wear the two-piece amazonite necklace! It'd go perfect with all my winter outfits. <br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/two-piece-amazonite-necklace-67.html<br /><br />Cheers! Aromy [aromyx@gmail.com]
By Ismay, 17th November 2010
Well done you!<br />I love it all.<br /><br />Ismay - ismayozga@hotmail.com<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/onyx-cubes-and-brass-tubes-necklace-121.html
By anja louise, 17th November 2010
I love the new tourmaline & silk cord necklaces!! Congrats on the awesome success of your shop, it has been so fun to see all your creations. You are amazing! <br /><br />(my email - anja.verdugo@gmail.com)
By Katie, 17th November 2010
Congratulations on your success!<br /><br />Your pieces are all so beautiful! <br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/single-pom-pom-necklace-89.html<br /><br />I love the peach one! SO pretty!<br /><br />Katie- katie.ernest@gmail.com
By Anonymous, 17th November 2010
CONGRATS!! :)<br /><br />Whitney Molinaro<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/onyx-cubes-and-brass-tubes-necklace-121.html<br /><br />WhitneyMolinaro@gmail.com
By Toronto Lovers, 17th November 2010
Thank you for the beautiful giveaway.<br />My favorite is this one:<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/ornate-locket-necklace-81.html<br /><br />Sarah - sarytadeluxe@hotmail.com
By Julie Livermore, 17th November 2010
I already own one of your beautiful pieces!! I love the blue agate necklace--as those are sold out--http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/brown-agate-slice-necklace-109.html is a close second!!
By andrea despot, 17th November 2010
hands downs this one:<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/ball-locket-necklace-58.html<br /><br />i love the super long chain, the simple design and the fact that it's a tiny little sphere that opens :P
By Kylie Jean, 17th November 2010
love love love your store! it would be awesome to own anyone of your pieces! <br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html
By Liz, 17th November 2010
Congratulations! My current fave is http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/onyx-cubes-and-brass-tubes-necklace-121.html<br /><br />Liz Potts liz1973@gmail.com
By Jamie Werner, 17th November 2010
Oh Katherine - I love it all. <br /><br />Jamie Werner<br />jamie@modernepr.com<br />Loving this: http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html
By Mari Foster, 17th November 2010
Love the pom pom necklaces!<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/metal-links-and-pom-poms-in-soft-green-114.html<br /><br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/single-pom-pom-necklace-89.html<br /><br />Mari - themarifoster@gmail.com
By fawn, 17th November 2010
I love the citrine necklace. Gorgeous work! (email in profile)
By ultraviolet darling, 17th November 2010
http://www.thevamoose.com/necklaces/two-piece-amazonite-necklace-96.html, the longest chain<br /><br />I love your pieces...it's somewhat impossible to choose one as a sort of favorite. Congratulations on your year anniversary. <br /><br />Aurora at goldenbirds@gmail.com
By allison, 17th November 2010
Oh my goodness! this is spectacular!<br />I'd love to own the <br />red coral necklace!<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/red-coral-necklace-36.html<br /><br />allison.m.berg@gmail.com<br /><br />xoxo
By Starr Crow, 17th November 2010
congrats on the year long success! i remember over a year ago discovering your amazing work on flick. so glad to see all the success it has brought you..<br /><br />i would most definitely pick one of your signature pom poms if I one... more specifically, that minty one at the top. :)<br /><br />starrcrow@live.com
By kat, 17th November 2010
yay thanks for the awesome giveaway:)<br />this is my fave:<br />http://thevamoose.com/necklaces/onyx-cubes-and-brass-tubes-necklace-121.html<br />kat - drawnbykat@gmail.com

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