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Hello there,
Just a quick note to say that the newsletter sign-up page will be down while the final checks and changes are made to the new website.
In the mean time, I have made a facebook page for the vamoose and signed up to twitter, at last, so you can keep up to date with shop news and announcements. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a shop update!

image credit: self-made necklace / photography by fetie

6 Responses to shop news

  1. Michelle Elaine

    can't wait to see tomorrow's update!


  2. Peta

    A new website?! How exciting! Looking forward to seeing it….

  3. Lies

    I'll finally own a necklace by thevamoose, yay! I'm definitely planning on ordering!

  4. ticha

    Votre site est magnifiques et vos photos SUBLIMES. Bravo pour tout ce talent. Sandrine

  5. Jaeger

    hey, your stuff is so beautiful! i was just wondering where you get your equipment and supplies from and where you were taught to do all this stuff. I would love to make my own jewellery but its difficult to find the time!

  6. heleen

    Fetie's photography compliments your jewelry so beautifully.

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