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natural history: part one

perfect shapes

A constant source of inspiration, natural history is not only an interesting subject but also a feast for the eyes. Too excessive for one post, I'll begin with minerals, crystals and patterns from the past.


Fool's gold: The scientific name for this widespread mineral is pyrite, derived from the Greek word for fire (pyr), which refers to the sparks that are produced when it is struck with a hammer. Personal photo from The Natural History Museum, London.

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"The word crystal comes from the Greek word krystallos. This in turn is derived from kryos, which means icy cold. The ancient Greeks thought that clear rock crystals (usually the minal quartz) were actually ice, frozen too hard to melt." The natural History Museum, London

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pyrite ♥

Image credits: A combination of personal photographs and flickr finds. Every image is linked to further information or the original source.

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28 replies to this post

By Nishant, 31st March 2010
I could pick the perfect one out! My love of geology only led to a love of jewelry as well!<br /><a href="http://www.bpojobsathome.com" rel="nofollow"> data entry work from home </a>
By ClarkandDiversey, 27th March 2010
i love love LOVE my necklace! it is the most brilliant piece of jewelry, ever.
By Kathryn / The Vamoose, 4th March 2010
marina: ohhhh I'll have to look it up, thanks for the tip!<br /><br />lauren: I'll try and get a new batch up tomorrow!
By lauren, 4th March 2010
i just LOVE the necklaces in the last photo here (in your hand), will they be in your shop soon? did i already ask you think? i think i may have! sorry!
By Maya, 14th February 2010
By Cassidy, 13th February 2010
i've always been fascinated with rocks . i love how you combined science and fashion into one post ! brilliant ! <br /><br /><3
By marina, 12th February 2010
I love these photos! I love crystals! I just picked up a copy of Melody's Crystal guide...so worth it! I recommend if you do not already own!
By Clementine, 12th February 2010
Oh, yes, we are definitely kindred spirits. Before I ever made jewelry, I collected rocks and minerals. I still have a shoebox full from elementary school! Lovely post. And so glad to see I'm not the only one with a slight pyrite obsession :)
By PoleStar Jewelry - Handcrafted, 12th February 2010
Beautiful. The NC Science Museum in Durham has crystal and rock samples and they have a huge chunk of gorgeous smokey quartz. I sat and looked at it for 15 minutes. It is amazing what the earth can produce.
By miss_vogue, 12th February 2010
wow these are so amazing. this was just what i needed today!
By Kathryn / The Vamoose, 11th February 2010
Jaeve + Things: how kind, thank you!<br /><br />Annie: ha ha, that's very funny and the store sounds amazing! I have to resort to Ebay to satisfy my rock collecting habits. <br />I'd definitely risk the danger of hugs and kisses for a good looking geode ;)<br /><br />I'm very much enjoying all the nostalgic rock stories!
By betsy and iya, 10th February 2010
This is a gorgeous post. Everything about it makes me happy. It reminds me of being a child, collecting rocks from the woods behind our old house, transforming them somehow and then walking door to door trying to sell them to the neighborhood for 10 cents a pop. those were the glory days.
By Annie, 10th February 2010
love it! Down the road from me is this little shop called Dixie Gem, it is the most fabulous place in the world. Except, it is run by two middle-age brothers who are geology teachers, they are very short and bald, they look a bit like moles who have been digging underground far too long. . .I no longer can go alone, they have a tendency to stop me at the door and force a kiss or a hug. eeek!! oh my, but the geodes are to die for! (maybe not get kissed for though. . .)
By Jaeve + Things, 9th February 2010
Hi! You blog is one of my faves. I love your taste in everything, such great images and great pieces. You have probably received blogger awards many times over, but I gave you another one just because I adore you so much :) Don't feel compelled to blog about it, I just thought you'd like to know. ox
By tinypaperheart, 9th February 2010
your jewelry is lovely. i esp like the bow and chain earrings :)
By thesydneygirl, 9th February 2010
amazing! thanks for sharing this history. beautiful photos.<br />x
By Kathryn / The Vamoose, 8th February 2010
I love how rocks and minerals remind us of our childhood. I still have jars of rocks and glass collected as a child from holiday visits to the beach.<br /><br />alright darling: I agree! I find diagrams and models of molecular structures so visually appealing. I'm saving those for another post/jewellery collection ;)<br /><br />hello lindello: ohhh yes send me a picture please!? I would love to start collecting images of people wearing my pieces. I thought I saw a part of it in your recent post but I didn't want to assume :)
By Hello Lindello, 8th February 2010
What a beautiful post. We have a super lovely gem shop in my town filled with treasures like these. I want everything when I go in!<br /><br />Ps. My best friend Leslie wore my necklace from you over the weekend and I cant wait to show you how she wore it. So cute!!
By alright darling, 8th February 2010
I also love facets and crystals; http://alrightdarling.tumblr.com/tagged/crystal<br /><br />I think it's because they are natural but also mathematical.
By C, 8th February 2010
What a beauteous collection of images-- I used to be a gemstone and rock collecting nut when I was younger, and was super excited when I was able to go to the Museum of Natural History in DC on vacation. And as always, your jewelry is gorgeous-- love the pyrite.
By Jack, 8th February 2010
This is beautiful. It reminds me of a great atlas I had as a child. I always loved looking at the mineral page. x
By Hannah, 8th February 2010
Wow, great post! I absolutely love the natural history cabinet in Paris, it's stunning! I'd love to be able to see it for myself one day..
By jocelyn, 8th February 2010
this is such a beautiful post, thank you, i'm going to save it!
By Kristen, 8th February 2010
By dazed, 8th February 2010
lovely lovely lovely
By Zanah, 8th February 2010
Great post & lovely blog !! :) <a href="http://monmodeblog.blogspot.com/" rel="nofollow">Mon Mode Blog </a>
By Ms. B @ Millie Deel, 8th February 2010
Ah I've been a rock hound from way back. Even as a single digit, I used to beg my parents to take me to the Nature Company so I could marvel at all of the mineral specimens in their display drawers and so I could pick the perfect one out! My love of geology only led to a love of jewelry as well!
By briannelee, 8th February 2010
Gorgeous, gorgeous images. I still have my rock collection from when I was little. I need to display it somewhere in my apartment.

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