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In case you’re sick of my cotton rope bracelet, I thought I’d show you a few others I’ve been working on. The most recent is the brass mesh version. I’ve been meaning to work more with mesh for a while but as things sometimes go, it was put to one side for a few months.


It’s vintage brass and I liked the antique colour too much to clean it properly. This is just a first attempt and I dislike everything except the knot…i’m not giving up on it just yet though! I can’t help but think that a similar version of the knot would make a great ring.

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It’s been snowing quite a lot here! Very pretty but everywhere is so icy it takes me 3 times as long to walk anywhere. I should really invest in some snow friendly/waterproof footwear…any tips? Also, the shop is back open! I’m still waiting for an order of boxes required to ship the large pompom necklaces, but if you want to reserve one then feel free to send me an email or such and I can make a list.

9 Responses to self-made bracelets

  1. Little Gray Pixel

    I love those bracelets. I'd buy one from you in a heartbeat (especially the brass one!).

  2. Roxy

    Gorgeous, I love the brass one!

  3. corrie

    The rope bracelet is the next on my list. And the rope & cube necklace! It's pretty wonderful in brass too actually, I'm sure whatever you ultimately decide to do with the brass will surely be great.

  4. Saoirse

    I love these!

  5. Hello Lindello

    I love the brass so much! Off to check out whats in the shop….

  6. Vamoose

    thanks guys, you motivated me to try something else mesh related today whilst I wait for the necessary ring supplies! will show when I get the chance..

  7. Annie

    i love the bronzey one, the knot really would make a great ring

  8. rose

    I would recommend Frye boots for the snow. I invested in a pair that was on sale at Sundance when I moved to Utah and they have served me well in slushy, icy and snowy weather.

  9. pen tablets

    Your rope bracelet is super fun, but that mesh one is just wow.

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